Caught on video: Woman admits to taking toy from baby’s grave

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ONTARIO, OH — Surveillance video captured a woman removing a stuffed animal from a baby’s grave just before Easter. She has now turned herself in to police. Frieda Kay Shade, of Mansfield Ohio admitted to being the person in the video.

According to WJW-TV she said she saw a loos dog wandering on the property. She lifted the stuffed animal to keep the dog from destroying it. Shade was served a summons for petty theft.

This is not the first item to disappear from the child’s grave. Hayden “Tank” Cole Sheridan died in 2007. Items like toys and night lights left at the child’s grave site started to disappear shortly after. His parents finally went to the police in 2012 and a surveillance camera was set up. The camera finally captured a clear picture of a suspect on April 19th.

There is no word on if Shade is the suspect in the other thefts.

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  • Sarah

    You STOLE a stuffed animal because “a loose dog was in the cemetary”; yet when caught you bring it back and throw it in the road… yeah that’s “keeping it safe from that (loose) dog!” What a loser to steal from a gravesite!

    • The Problem Solvers

      We’re wondering whether it might be better for people to leave checks written in the name of the deceased child rather than toys and stuffed animals. That would cut down on thefts we would think.

    • Blasphemer Detection Squad

      “Judge not lest ye be judged”
      “let those who are without sin cast the first stone”

  • jad

    Most cemetery’s that are flat, like this one, normally don’t allow anything but cut flowers on grave sites. Anything other then that gets in the way of the giant lawn mowers they use. They should have buried him in a place that lets you put up tomb stones then they could leave anything they want there for as long as they want. Still that is pretty nasty what that lady did especially what she did with the toy when she brought it back. Don’t worry, Mizz Karma will take care of her soon enough.

  • Idiot Detection Squad is just another Troll

    and let the trolling commence from Idiot detection squad………your name goes both ways ya know

  • Mom to an angel baby

    The cemetery has already been asked about this, it is perfectly okay for parents to leave those things. They have also said that other than dead flowers, they leave the gifts left at the gravesites alone. These parents are hurting after losing their sweet baby boy and should not have to deal with low people taking their memorial gifts. Before making an assumption about the cemetery, you should at least try to do your own research. The parents were well within their rights according to the cemetery, to leave gifts for little “Tank”

  • Rita Kay Ellis

    I don’t care who she was giving it to it wasn’t hers to give and she was dead wrong the only way she can be helped is by admitting fault and taking responsibility instead of making excuses, I have never in my life seen a dog roaming in a cemetery.

  • craig parker

    That woman is so full of it. She moved it because of a dog huh?
    The way she looked around as to see if anyone was watching her STEAL.
    What a total POS this person is.

  • Rld

    I thought the thief was the lowest life form. Then I read all the trolls comments. Congratulations. Trolls win

    • Bozo the Clown

      So Rid, you actually had thieves ranked below rapists, sodomizers, necrophiliacs and people who enjoy beastiality? That is wild and wacky stuff

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