Daughters of murdered woman suing family friend for insurance proceeds

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TROY, MO (KTVI)-- The daughters of murdered mom, Betsy Faria, are suing a family friend for their mom`s life insurance money.

Just before her death, Betsy Faria reportedly changed her life insurance, giving that family friend power over $150,000.

Clayton lawyers David Butsch and Christopher Roberts filed a civil suit, accusing the murder victim`s friend of 'constructive fraud' and 'unjust enrichment.'

They accuse Pam Hupp of breaking her promise to Betsy.  Hupp took Betsy Faria home the day she was stabbed 55 times.  A Lincoln County jury convicted Betsy's husband, Russ Faria, believing he hatched a murder plot with a group of friends.

At trial, a Judge did not allow the jury to hear that Pam Hupp benefitted from the life insurance.

Yet, it was a big deal to police as you can read from part of a pre-trial interview with Hupp.

Detective Ryan McCarrick said, Betsy told you to hold on to this money to make sure the kids are taken care of, yet they haven`t seen a dime of that money, you still have it.

Hupp answered, "I think if you really look at my wording, it wasn`t exactly she wanted me to make sure the girls are taken care of."  She continued, "She didn`t want them to have their hands on the money."

The Clayton firm of Butsch Roberts and Associates says they will vigorously pursue this case to return money to Betsy`s daughters and they believe they are well founded on fact and law.

This is part of an ongoing story you can only see in a joint investigation between Fox 2 and the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Tonight at Ten, you`ll hear from the 911 dispatcher who took the Faria murder phone call.  It`s more evidence the jury did not hear.

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  • Chris bray

    I believe the wrong person is sitting in jail on this one. I hope and pray someone is fighting for this injustice!

    • skeeter12

      JUDGE and the PROSECUTING ATTORNEY are best friends think that might have a lot to do with how things were handled

  • Todd

    I was not there nor do I know anyone involved BUT I do find it odd the judge would not allow the jury to hear this evidence. To me it seems like a pretty big piece of the puzzle.

    • skeeter12

      Todd you have to take into consideration the Judge Kris Kunza Mennemeyer and Leah Askey Womack are BEST FRIENDS

  • Barbee LaVallee-Masterson

    That woman murdered their mother too. An innocent man was found guilty of the murder. She murdered her FOR THE INSURANCE money. The husband had proof he was not there and someone did not care. She is a murderer.

  • kathy b

    How can this woman justify keeping that money. If she was a true friend she would make sure those girls are taken care of. I am willing to bet there is not much of that money left. KARMA………Mrs Hupp!

  • paul

    the more i hear and read about this story the more im convinced the whole story was not told. seems the husband had a rock solid alibi, i dont believe you can get 4 friends to lie for you. and the “friend” was as she admitted, the last to see her alive. i feel now is the time to reopen the case with a fresh look and before it gets too old and memories are lost.

  • Faith

    If MY best friend was just murdered, I would be crying, choked up, some sign of sorrow, sitting in disbelief. Pam showed NO signs of being sad whatsoever. Zero. Zilch. Now lets look at Russ being interviewed by the police. He is the one that expressed the kind of emotion of someone who just losted someone they love. Crying. Disbelief. Confusion. Someone who actually has a heart.

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