Football coach pleads not guilty in 10-year-old Hailey Owen’s death

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SPRINGFIELD, MO (AP) – A southwest Missouri youth football coach accused of kidnapping, raping and killing a 10-year-old girl has pleaded not guilty

Forty-six-year-old Craig Michael Wood appeared Thursday in Greene County Circuit Court in Springfield. A preliminary hearing scheduled for Thursday was delayed until May 22.

Wood is accused of abducted Hailey Owens while she walked home from her best friend’s house, just two blocks from her own home. Shocked neighbors reported watching the abduction and unsuccessfully giving chase as Hailey was pulled into a pickup truck that sped away. She was found dead hours later in the basement of Wood’s home.

The Springfield News-Leader reports that the judge granted a request made by prosecutors earlier this week to add rape and sodomy charges in response to recently released autopsy results.

Iformation from: Springfield News-Leader,


  • rose

    Most likely he plead not guilty so he can plea bargain his way out of the Death Penalty. Plea bargains save the State a lot of money on trials. This guy is no idiot, he knows exactly what he is doing, just as he knows exactly what he has done. He is a cold blooded, premeditated murderer of an innocent child who stood no chance against him.

  • To

    Wondering where all the racist comments are at now? So quick to speak up on black on black crime. Like anyone is exempt from bs like this. Smh.

    • bobandy

      What exactly did this have to do with race? Nothing. If you would like racism to go away, then don’t bring it up in unnecessary context.

    • jay

      Im white, and i agree. this junk man needs gone. child raping garbage. WHITE TRASH BAG. this honky is the WHOLE bag!

    • Doris Finley

      If they would just go back to publicly hanging anyone who takes a life of another than there my be less murders.

      • Idiot Detection Squad

        are you kidding? That would INCREASE murders. Just think how many sick mofos out there who would love to watch public hangings. You would have people out there killing people just to increase the number of hangings.

  • Jana hamann

    This guy is as guilty as sin. May he be raped by bubba I prison. Then shoot him like he did that poor innocent little girl. May he rot in hell for his sons he is guilty of. He is guilty and should have done to him what he did to her. He is not worth the space or oxygen he’s taking up. He’s worse than trash. Worse than a monster. Dog shit on the bottom of my shoe is worth more than this horrible creature.

  • dave

    He needs to suffer the exact same way that child did, he pled not guilty so je could make a deal and get away with a lesser charge and not face death. The judge has every right to not accept the deal and still sentence him to the maximum punishment which I hope they do.

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