Mayor Slay weighs in on controversy surrounding new ride sharing service

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay is weighing in on the controversy surrounding Lyft, a new ride sharing service that launched last Friday and has stayed in business despite a court order.

The mayor said Uber, another ride service, wants to come here and has suggested regulatory changes. But he said Lyft has flouted city regulation.

It is not the job of the government to stop technologies nor to limit competition unreasonably, Mayor Slay said, adding it is our job to enforce all laws and regulations that protect public service.

Read the mayor’s complete statement

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  • morrow

    To all the cab drivers out there believe it or not but this new thing is here to stay and those good paying cab jobs are just about out the door. It doesn’t take many weeks or months for cab drivers to feel this, especially with summer coming which is always a slow period. I drove a cab for one of the large companies in St Louis and it was nothing to make $30,000.00 after taxes and fees, and i wasn’t trying hard, but that is under attack. The cab companies will feel it from the drivers that park their cabs and seek other ways to make a living. I seen 2 of the mustached cars today on lindell, one at the Chase hotel and the other en-route with 4 people.

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