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O’Fallon Fire Protection District chairman defends decision to suspend employees

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O'FALLON, MO (KTVI)-- The O'Fallon Fire Protection District held its first board meeting since suspending the chief and deputy fire chief.

On Monday, the two were placed on administrative leave.

This past fall, these two along with 8 other officers, were offered buyouts.

Five of these officers sued the district, wanting to make sure they`d get severance pay if they were let go.

Since then, two officers left, and to eliminate the final position, the board settled on deputy chief sanders.

As for the chief, board members stated they let him go because they wanted to quote, “go in a different direction.”


  • John Smith

    I am convinced that to better serve ALL of the taxpayers in the O’Fallon Fire Protection District, that we the taxpayer lead a charge to force Mr. Laughlin to resign from his post immediately and to interject a normal. rational thinking individual to take his place! Mr. Laughlin sounded sick in that video, it is now apparent to me and everyone else in O’Fallon that he has been drinking the union kool-aid for way too long and it has infected his brain…..he has now become an official union butt boy! I plead with the citizens and even the firefighters at O’Fallon to wake up and see what this union is doing to your fire department! I have no beefs with unions per se, but, why would you publicly humiliate Mr.Ballman and Mr. Sanders after 40 years of tireless CRUSADING for the O’Fallon FIre Protection District! They deserve better than this…this is a fiasco orchestrated by a very powerful and possibly corrupt organization!

  • Terry

    Union or Not… Who in their right mind in a Chief’s postion would file a suit against your employer to insure you would receive severance pay if you were removed from your position or terminated after your contract was up and not renewed? Just Sayin’

    As a taxpayer in the OFallon Fire Protection District I must say regardless who is in what postion, there should be no contracts for your postion to protect and serve our community. My personal opinion is, contracts for management positions are a form of union in a sense.
    It’s called a “Golden Parachute” $

    If your board/boss have a problem or difference with you and they feel the need to remove you from your postion… they are held hostage to a very expensive piece of paper! Thats not fair for the community to have to pay and keep insurance on employees and there family for years because they were employeed for XX years and there disgruntled about change! I bet these guys were making 100k or better per year and here they are trying to bleed the community for more.

    The OFallon Fire Board has elimanated contracts for these management positions and made them at will employees…. Thumbs up!!This will save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future for our community when change is needed or granted.

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