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Pay phone installed in Brentwood Metrolink station

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BRENTWOOD, MO (KTVI)-- Ever since Metrolink was built, one stop has been missing something available at every other station; a pay phone.

All 37 Metrolink stops were meant to have pay phones, but thanks to some kind of hang up the Brentwood station never got one.

But thanks to a man who kept calling Metro to complain, they've finally got the hook up.

Thanks to cell phones, pay phones have gone the way of buggy whips.

But not everyone has a cell phone, including Barry Williams.

Williams has been calling for Metro to put a pay phone in at the Brentwood station since 2010.

Metro says it agrees, but whenever someone would bring up the idea they would get a busy signal.

But eventually Metro got behind it and they are finally off the hook.

Williams knows most riders will never need to use the pay phone and we did not find a lot of riders who have even noticed it, but most seem to think the idea has a nice ring to it.

For a long time, the only other pay phone left in Brentwood was at the Schnucks, until it was removed two years ago.

But now thanks to one man`s persistence, calls well that ends well.


  • The Problem Solvers

    It’s about time something with common sense and practicality gets done. When the inevitable alien invasion occurs, the first thing they will do is disable all cell communications, causing mass chaos. Standard public pay phones may be the only way to communicate. Finally someone has a clue.

  • Bob

    I haven’t see a pay phone in years, except at the airport. How many people will use it, once or twice a day, if that?

    • Idiot Detection Squad

      It will get used dozens of times every day. Not everyone has a cell phone. Cell phone batteries run out. Ain’t that hard to figure out Bobbie

    • rose

      With a cell phone, if your battery dies, you accidentally drop it, lose it, or better chance of getting it stolen right out of your hand, most people would be happy to see a pay phone.

  • Herrington

    It would be real nice if every Metro-link Station had a pay phone. Because most people do not have a cell phone and do not want to ask a stranger to use their phone so it’s a good idea.

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