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Residents of Vilonia Arkansas devastated by tornado

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VILONIA, AR (KTVI) - They were salvaging what they could in Vilonia, Arkansas Monday.  A devastating tornado took out an entire neighborhood and part of the city.  At least 8 fatalities were reported in the city with a population of just more than 4,000.
Scott Berrier left town because of the storm warnings.  When he returned, his jaw dropped.

“My house is gone, the neighborhood is gone, everything was gone, “said Berrier.
His house was also damaged in a 2011 tornado.  Some residents had just finished recovering from that weather event.

“A lot of people have just finished building and rebuilding houses,” said Arkansas resident Lauren Schnebelen.   “They just built a new school that now they’re going to have to start over again. It’s hard.”

The Arkansas National Guard was called in to help.  A curfew went into effect at 7pm Monday.  It will not be lifted until 7am Tuesday.

The American Red Cross and Salvation Army were helping displaced residents.  Area shelters were gathering new clothes, blankets and toiletries for residents.   Faulkner County officials were not allowing any volunteers into the damaged areas unless they were relatives, friends or part of an organized relief effort.

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