New child vaccine requirements in Illinois take effect this Fall

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – New vaccine requirements for students in Illinois this Fall. Children from Kindergarten to high school will have to show they’ve had two doses each of rubella and mumps vaccines, instead of one. Kids entering must also show that they’ve had two doses of the chicken pox vaccine.

They’ll also need to get a meningococcal vaccine which is currently not required.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    I love the government they only wanna keep use safe any person that disagrees is a right wing hick

  • Mary McAnally Seger

    This “right wing hick” keeps all the children’s shots up to date and is 100% in favor of those liberals who are against shots not being allowed to have their children in school with mine. Actually doubt it’s related to politics – it’s just common sense.

    • Julie Wilderman

      I agree, Mary. I don’t think it’s political because I have heard people from left and right against shots. I’m a liberal and my kids get every shot they need and I support them fully!

  • Bret the conservationist

    And we usually pay for our children’s health care. We don’t want the government to pay for everything either . The left can’t take care of themselves either.

  • justaMOM

    Read what they put in the shots and all the conditions that are showing up! It’s poison! Google dangers of immunizations and come back and comment! I got a flu shot in 2011 and it’s turned my health upside down! I was normal and healthy and now i’ve become very sick! That’s the only thing that was changed…… I even have a couple doctors scratching their heads and think there could be some truth to this!

    • J

      Seriously, the government is trying to keep us safe? That’s the biggest joke I’ve ever heard! Look at all the other countries like Germany, England etc who BANNED half the drugs, chemicals and vaccines used in the United States because they cause CANCER, HEART PROBLEMS, deformities and so much more. Bromites, in mountain Dre have been PROVEN to cause cancer. BANNED in other countries. Aluminum on deodorant BANNED in other countries PROVEN to cause breast cancer in men and women. Sorry I’m actually trying to keep my kid safe. And if you all vaccine and do if for the safety of your child and you’re so sure they work then how will my kid effect your child’s safety?

    • Sherri Smith

      You are right ! They are to trying to kill our kids or make them retarded, and everything else! But people don’t believe anything you tell them. Or they think you are crazy! But it is all true.

      • Nancy

        Wow….maybe educate yourself on the immunizations so you know what you are talking about…and who uses the word ” retarded?” Way to be politically correct.

  • LaurieT

    justa, I don’t get the flu shots. But do you know how many kids died or were harmed from the diseases?? That must be taken into consideration. We have such an influx of children from countries who do not immunize and now our children are at greater risk. That should tell you something. (it has nothing to do with party)

  • Caroline Ruppert- Hill

    Ok so you want people to home school more, you want to close more schools? People are not going to poison their children, they will keep them home. So education goes down the tubes in Illinois cause some parents are not capable of proper home schooling. Some are great teachers but those who are not, or those who will slack off will keep their kids home, uneducated people are easily swayed.

  • Not Poisioning My Child

    When they do the FIRST study to prove they are safe and effective then I might consider it. Until then all the fake reports made up by the same companies that manufacturer and profit from the products are absolutely worthless. I can not believe the politicians keep promoting this. Wake up people.

      • pat farris

        JCK so you’re one of those who believes if it’s a requirement/law etc.don’t worry because we don’t have to do it, unless of course we want to? Great.
        Mumps measles etc. were almost non existent until intelligent people decided they didn’t need to vaccinate their kids. If your worried about autism cancer etc.etc.etc. look to the food/drink industry. That is where we are being poisoned.

  • Bradley Mosbacher

    Okay if all you vaccine conspiracy theory nutters want to keep you and your kids from getting vaccines for illnesses then I say you all gotta move to a special quarantine town that people can neither visit you in and you cannot leave until you agree to the vaccines. Quit putting other people at risk just because of your unreasonable paranoia!

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