Proposed Illinois tax on soft drinks may fizzle

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) _ A legislative effort to tax soft drinks in order to promote healthy living may be falling flat in Springfield.

The (Belleville) News-Democrat reports the effort introduced by two Chicago area lawmakers remains in committee. But they haven’t been called for any hearings.

Timothy Bramlet is executive director of the Illinois Beverage Association. He says he believes means the measures are “effectively dead.”

The legislation adds a penny-per-ounce surcharge on sugary drinks that are sold in sealed containers. That means a 12-ounce can of soda would cost another 12 more cents while a twelve-pack would increase by $1.44.

Money generated from the levy _ as much as $600 million by some estimates _ would be used to pay for Medicaid programs and a variety of health services and educational efforts.
Information from: Belleville News-Democrat,


  • Joe Bob

    Illinois needs to get rid of the current lawmakers. People need to start growing their brains and realizing that these politicians are only out to take money from them. This country used to be free but the complacency of its citizens will soon destroy that because the politicians will take every freedom away they can. Illinois politicians do that every day,

    They say that sugar is unhealthy but what they don’t tell the people is that they are getting kickbacks from artificial sweetener companies. You think those sweeteners are healthy? Eventually they will find that they do a lot more harm than good.

  • civilcandor1

    How appropriate that those at the trough in Springfield want to tax soft drinks under the guise of keeping the rest of us from getting too fat and happy. If the soft drink tax tanks, perhaps they can add a per inch tax to our waistlines.

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