School damaged and roof blown off building in North St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - SkyFOX helicopter captured this large tree that had fallen onto Conway Road in Ladue, followed by these dramatic pictures of a roof collapse in the Pine Lawn area near Natural Bridge and Darby.

Around 4:30 on Monday the wind and storms moved in at Natural Bridge and Darby in north St. Louis. The result was a roof on the ground and more. A storage building for Skate King collapsed. The inside was destroyed including a classic car. Clifton Berry and building owner Matthew Foggy, Jr. watched the roof fly off the building as the storm hit. Not only did debris fly across the street it landed in parking lot of the Skate King business office.

'The roof of this building literally flew off toward us coming to the south. It stood up it was unbelievable and peeled off this building like a can opener. We ran to the basement and it happened in a split second its devastating 'said Clifton Berry

Less than a block away a home on Darby also had a tree go through the roof. Now Berry says the only thing left to do is repair and rebuild what was lost.

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    • Joe

      Actually FEMA and Obama are to blame and all the democrats, or whoever you don’t like. You prove why news story don’t need comments. Your 2 cents isn’t worth anything.

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