Valley Park student threatens student with knife

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VALLEY PARK, MO (KTVI) – There was a security scare at a St. Louis County high school, Monday.

School officials confirmed a student brought a knife to Valley Park High.

The principal sent a letter home to parents, thanking students for coming forward and telling school authorities about the knife.

Parents and students told Fox 2 the student was a freshman girl; she brought the knife to school in her back-pack and had threatened at least one other student.

School principal Matthew Bailey’s letter said a knife was found and confiscated.

Students said it was a small knife or box cutter found in the girl’s back park during the first hour of classes.

Though it happened at the high school, Valley Park’s elementary and middle schools are on the same campus.

Bill Homeyer’s daughter, Sierra, is a 4th grader at the elementary school.

“Anything that happens over there can definitely translate to the kids over here. It would be concerning. It would be foolish not to be concerned,” he said.

“Valley Parkm, it’s a small town. We’ve got all the three schools together, high school, junior high, and all that together. My granddaughter went to preschool there,” said Valley Park resident, Kathy Schroer. “You just never think anything like that would happen…it’s a wake up call.

But one she agreed authorities handled very well.

Bailey’s letter said the student was “disciplined, removed from campus, and arrested…I urge you to emphasize with your own children the seriousness of bring inappropriate items to school, as well as reminding them that if they see or hear of a possible unsafe situation, to immediately report that information.”

“They’re usually pretty good here as far as the safety of the kids. It’s definitely something you would talk with your kid about, make sure that they’re aware of anything that could happen in her classroom,” Homeyer said.

“Maybe people should be a little more careful with their kids taking their backpacks to school, too. That might be a thought,” Schroer said.

Parents and students said the girl with the knife was from Valley Park.

Authorities did not release her name.

There was word on criminal charges or any security changes.

Valley Park Schools do not have metal detectors.

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