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Baseball tournament seeks alternate location over radiation concerns

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BRIDGETON, MO (KTVI) – Update: Game 7 Baseball is organizing the Cinco De Mayo Slugfest.  You can find new venues and schedules on the organization website at

A huge tournament is up in the air at the Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex this weekend days after residents say high levels of radiation turned up in a drainage ditch there.

The residents who conducted those tests tell us they want the EPA to come in and do its own testing to get to the bottom of those concerns, but the controversy over contamination isn't making it easy for event organizers here.

It's a popular place every day of the week, but right now, some people are worried about the Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex.

95 baseball teams of kids between the ages of 7 and 14 were scheduled to play baseball here this weekend from all over the Midwest, but now the largest tournament of the year is being relocated.

Dave Penning has been diligently looking for a new venue. He only had time to talk to us on the phone because he was heading to Ellisville to check out a facility there.  We caught up with the Bridgeton Parks and Rec Athletic Supervisor, who said the city has contacted the EPA to ask about recent tests conducted by residents which suggested a possible spike in radiation levels at the complex. The city's asking the EPA to evaluate that test.

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  • Consitution Lost

    The U.S. miliatary is conducting calssified, long term testing of radiation weaponry on “unwitting” american civilans across the country.

    I think you guys should maybe check this out. They are secretly doing this to millions of people across the globe. Research some more on Targeted Individuals and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    Go to torturedinamerica(.)org

  • consumer

    um. someone needs to talk to boeing and ask why they allow their employees to play softball there. If kids arent allowed why are they…

    • Anonymous

      No one said kids aren’t allowed. A few local residents did a home-manufactured test in a drainage ditch in the parking lot of BMAC. If that is where the Boeing league plans on playing this summer, than maybe you should reconsider. Otherwise, your team, along with ALL other teams, including the children leagues, have nothing to worry about. BMAC will remain open as long as people are there. Kids are ALLOWED to play ball – their parents are just being ridiculous to believe a illegitimate test and failed to recognize that the EPA has done two tests in the last month proving BMAC is safe! And in their defense, that is all they have heard about because the media is not reporting on the EPA findings – so the media is the one in the wrong, here.

  • Bob

    Just remember this next time you vote- The Republicans want to do away with the regulations that protect us from these deadly toxins. Thye say it cuts into the porfits of companies (thier owners).

    Vote republican and kid your kids brain tumors and cancer

    • Steven Sweeney

      Vote democrat and you can’t afford the treatment for problem, the democrat funded terrorists will just blow you up, unless an Obama drone just does it.Obama loves killing civilian women and kids!

  • This is stupid

    The media is blowing up some citizen’s claim way out of proportion. This area is regularly tested for radiation by several government organizations and it has never been outside the landfill. Check Bridgeton’s website and you’ll find facts to prove that. Stop hurting the local economy and local jobs by putting up these stories until you receive evidence from a professional.

    • Mary

      Actually, the EPA has NOT tested BMAC and areas outside of the landfill to see if the radioactive waste has migrated, this is what the citizens group and Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has been asking the EPA to do. Ben Washburn from EPA region 7 has specifically said BMAC was not tested. So you have to wonder, are they afraid to test because they know what they will find? If they are so confident that the waste is not outside of the landfill, why not do the testing to show the public that they can back up their claims? Are you willing to take the chance with your kids and your family?

    • Mary

      That’s exactly what citizens have been asking for, evidence from a professional. You have to ask yourself why won’t they test? Why wouldn’t the City of Bridgeton be demanding that the EPA test to make sure their citizens and children are safe?

      • Anonymous

        Mary, I’m sorry but you are completely and utterly incorrect! The EPA have published reports from testings they completely showing that there are no signs of harmful material at BMAC on both April 9 and April 21. I suggest you check your facts prior to TRYING to inform on this topic.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you, this is completely ridiculous. Who does a test in a DRAINAGE DITCH, anyways! Last I saw, NO ONE is playing ball in the sewers at BMAC. If you’re going to do your test, do it on the BALL FIELD! Apparently, these residents doing the test want BMAC closed – otherwise they would have tested the FIELDS – what they didn’t consider is that BMAC is the largest source of revenue for the City of Bridgeton – and Bridgeton will be severely suffering without BMAC!
      I suggest everyone (including the news) stops dramatizing something that the EPA has already done 2 tests on in the last 3 weeks showing there are no harmful materials at BMAC. The media hasn’t bothered to broadcast their reports, though!
      People really need to get the facts straight – and the media is reporting worse than anything that is legitimate!

  • Vince

    For “This is stupid”…the keyword there is “government”…yeah, you go ahead and “trust” that all you want…brillant!

  • Anonymous

    “The air we breathe has contaminants, the car you ride in is a death trap, the food you eat has been irradiated or chemical treated, the second hand smoke is lethal, the power lines are giving off electro magnetic current, the phone you use is giving you brain cancer, the coffee you drink is giving you stomach cancer, EVERYTHING is going to doom you today, tomorrow or next week. 25 years ago we died in our 60’s. now we are living to 70 and 80. Maybe our grandkids will be the first to live forever. But what kind of a life will they have!!”

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