Report: No Fair St. Louis air show in 2014

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - One of Fair St. Louis’s most popular events will be noticeably absent this summer.  The cancellation of the air show was uncovered by our partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The annual Independence Day festival has been temporarily relocated to Forest Park due to the ongoing City Arch River construction project.  According to Post-Dispatch City Hall Reporter Nick Pistor, some concerns were raised over the air show’s safety in the new location.

He explains, “Forest Park is in a dense, residential area, near Central West End, Skinker-DeBalievere, and some of the aldermen there were worried about having airplanes doing tricks in that area if one crashed. And there were also concerns from Barnes Jewish Hospital.  They were expressing concerns to Fair St. Louis organizers about getting emergency vehicles in and out, getting helicopters in and out.”

Then, Pistor learned, the air show was cancelled.  But Fair St. Louis Executive Director Lori Thaman says the FAA approved the air show’s new location regardless of those concerns. Instead, the cancellation had more to do with the time consuming logistics of the move to Forest Park.  She says, “Certainly, we had to figure out how the air show would fit within the space. And while we’ve been able to figure that out, it took some time to do that. We’re getting down to the point where we did lose a number of entertainers, so it was going to compromise the length of the show, the quality of the show, and it’s just, if we’re going to do it, we want to do it all the way.”

On Wednesday morning, Fair St. Louis organizers plan to officially announce the cancellation of this year’s air show. They’ll also name three more musical entertainers, in addition to those already announced, which include the Band Perry, the Fray, and Bonnie Raitt.

The air show will likely return when Fair St. Louis returns to downtown St. Louis.

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  • Ed Golterman

    They have lost their senses. Rather than shoehorning this into Forest Park which is difficult to access on normal weekends, wait until; the Arch grounds are ready. Instead of tearing up the Park. Do 14 weeks of MUNY-shows and concerts and bring people in METRO express. During the day showcase all the Park offers, during the day. This is how you serve the region and how you draw people for overnights.

  • Ed Golterman

    As professional news gatherers and reporters, you had to talk with a Post-Dispatch reporter to determine it would be unsafe to do the air show above the central corridor’s residential area and hospitals? How bad are you, you set new records ever night.

  • Albert Stix

    Google the 1914 Pageant and Masque event that was held in Forest Park. Click on the “Images” search section and then read up on the event in the “Web” search section. It must have been an amazing sight. I think that having Fair St. Louis in Forest Park is a great idea! I’d hate to see the event canceled for the next three years while the arch grounds are remodeled. The airshow would have taken place over the golf course, in a FAA approved “box”, not over the residential areas. The types of planes would have been smaller and would not have included any military jets or “fast movers” as they are sometimes called. There would not have been any aerobatics over the central corridor’s residential areas or near the hospitals. I suspect that many people were picturing a “riverfront” style airshow in Forest Park and that was not the plan.

  • morrow

    Forest Park is not a good area for an airshow with all the trees and people trying to squeeze in the space to see. On the Arch Grounds you can see from all over the area.

  • Ken Fisher

    I won’t be wasting any money at Fair STL this year or any other year with no Air Show.

    I vote for the Air Show to be held over ByeByeToTheRite’s back yard.
    Wouldn’t that be great, K-tech?

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Great idea, Ken!

      Why they could just cut some more education funds or maybe scale back Social Security or Medicare to pay for it!

      Then you could get an even HIGHER welfare check!

      Oh, I’m sorry – did I just make an assumption there?

      I find it wierd that my initial comment was censored! Just for suggesting Boeing is one our biggest welfare problems! Which is true. So here, for your reading enjoyment, is my post again….

      “Aw, you mean we won’t get to see even more taxpayer money wasted on frivilous military junk?

      “With the money they’ll save not putting on this air show, they’ll be able to handout higher welfare benefits checks to Boeing executives and union machinists!”

      Thanks for giving me the opportunity to repeat this, Ken! Folks like me are determined to stop welfare waste wherever we see it!

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