Two men facing charges for shooting dog in neighborhood

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – A disturbing case of animal abuse in St. Charles County:  two men tracked down and shot a missing do in the middle of a neighborhood near Wentzville, residents said.

Sheriff’s department investigators were seeking charges against two men, ages 43 and 39.

They’re accused of shooting “Luna”, a female Malamute-Shepherd mix over the weekend.

Luna got away from her home in O’Fallon, MO, April 13.  Mala-mute shepherd mix, that's been missing for more than two weeks.

“It’s unreal to me…I’m just dumfounded that somebody would actually do that to a dog,” said Luna’s owner, who did not want to be identified.  “She’s very skittish, afraid of adults.  She loves kids and other dogs.  She likes being around bodies of water.”

She was shot in an upscale neighborhood near Highway N and Wilmer Road just outside of Wentzville.

Her owners said Luna had been roaming for miles, from her home in O’Fallon to Lake St. Louis and then Wentzville area.

She was last seen Tuesday morning near a small lake off of Wilmer Road putting little pressure on what appeared to be a wounded front leg.

“This is not a wild animal.  This is somebody’s pet,” said Theresa Williams of the St. Charles County Division of Humane Services, the county’s animal control agency.  “She is very friendly and as not shown any aggression to any person.  She’s just very scared. “

The suspects reportedly considered Luna a possible threat to other animals and children in the area, thinking she may have been a wolf.

Investigators don’t buy their story, saying there’s no justification for tracking down a dog and shooting at her in a residential neighborhood.

“It just baffles me that someone would mistake a dog for a 130 pound wolf.  She’s only probably 65 pounds… she’s a really good dog,” her owner said.

Residents spotted a small blood trail and a patch of Luna's fur in the neighborhood.

The men used a shotgun and what appeared to be a replica assault rifle.

They had yet to be formally charged.

If you spot Luna, please call the Pet Adoption Center at 636-949-7387.

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  • julie

    This dog looked scared. I watched her on Fri at hwy A and 70. Lots of dogs get out in our neiborhood…. Why shoot her?

    • Steven Sweeney

      People overplay the “get out” excuse.If people truly loved their pets, they would be in control of them, and know their location like they do with children. The responsible ones anyway.

      • Alicia Gay

        I wouldn’t say that is the case at all. I love my animals dearly and a few weeks ago they “got out” They woke me up to go outside at 4am and they knocked our secure gate open. I had no idea the gate was loose since I don’t regularly check them. LUCKILY, I drove around, found one a couple blocks away and the other came home on her own. It happens even to the best of owners.

      • commonsensewoman

        You’re a first rate A hole! Dogs can get out any number of ways through no negligence on the owners part! You can just go f your self… you are mean spirited jerk!

      • Steven Sweeney

        common sense woman: your name is an oxymoron.Missouri has a leash law because of ALL the LAZY people that can’t get off their duffs to be responsible pet owners. If that’s a problem, take your gutter mouth to a commie country to let YOUR responsibilities be someone else’s problem.

      • Obediencedogmom

        That is an extremely lame thing to say. I teach and show in obedience and even my dog that has been highest scoring dog in trial more than once is just that, a dog. Dogs have instincts and they are instincts that even the best of trainers can’t control. With that said, if any opportunity arrives for the most well trained dog in the world to scoot out a door, over or under a fence… it can and will most likely happen to everyone at one point or another. The difference is that a well trained dog will respond to the handlers commands and a dog that was just rescued with no formal training will run. Don’t say the statement is over used until you are well aware of the situation.

      • Karen Lindgren

        You are crazy, dogs get out and wonder just like kids,The minute you take your eye ‘s off them How dare you make such a comment. Only a stupid idiot would make that comment. Go back to school and learn something!!!!

      • Candace

        To Steve and the rest of the ignorant people on here who are not knowledgeable of the breed. Huskies and Malamutes are escape artists and unfortunately do get out! Its a trait of the breed and if they are not leashed or in a closed area, they run, run, run and are hard to catch. I have 2 huskies ad would be absolutely devastated if this happened. Would these idiots have shot a lab or golden, I highly doubt it. Use common sense people! They should be prosecuted!

      • DC

        That’s isn’t true in this case. That dog can get out of a seven foot fence. How do I know this? Because I’ve met the dog at a kennel I volunteered at. So in this case, the men who shot her. Were completely at fault.

  • DB

    It is easy to cry “animal abuse” when you hear these stories, but the details are never given in full. What the story fails to say is just how wolf-like this animal appeared. I saw it myself last week, several days after its escape, and it was MUCH larger than 65 lbs, dirty, and had no collar/identification. If you did not see this animal in person then you can’t make judgment. I IMMEDIATELY thought this animal was a wolf, along with my family, neighbors and friends/co-workers after I took pictures of the animal. In fact, I even went so far as to email the conservation department to identify the animal. These men were not alone in thinking this was a wolf, and quite honestly, I’m surprised this didn’t happen earlier. Wentzville is a rural area and there are a lot of wild animals around. It is a shame that this happened, but I do not blame the men for doing what they thought was protecting their families.

    • Dave

      Even if it looks like a wolf, you dont just shoot it on sight, idiot. And no, its no, its not good enough justification even if its strolling through your precious wentzville neighborhood. Sorry.

      Sorry to ruin your wet dream that wentzville is the final frontier. Get a life.

      • ByeByeToTheRite

        There ARE a lot of wild animals in Wentzville, though.

        Yep – all the HICKS who moved in recently after selling the family inheritance from Pa, ruining the neighborhood. You know how it is when “those” kind of people move in! There goes the neighborhood.

        Glad I live in the city and not an area so full of violent criminals disguised as NRA gun enthusiasts. When somebody shoots a gun in the city, at least they go to jail for it.

    • TS

      Then you have never seen a wolf. A wolf has long gangly legs and on its hind legs stands as tall or taller than a human. This dog does not look anything like a wolf.

      • Dave

        To the lemmings who listen to the sensationalism of the media, it’s a wolf. Education, people, education!

    • TS

      From the Missouri Dept. of Conservation on wolves- ” The species is an occasional visitor to our state. Because of the great variety in the bodies of dogs, coyotes and wolves, to ensure correct identification, seek expert advice. In the last decade or so, Missouri hunters have occasionally shot wolves that have wandered here from other states, having mistaken them for enormous coyotes.
      OCCASIONAL visitor to our state… not running around the subdivisions of St. Charles county.

      • K-Wood

        TS – Good info, but I think you proved the wrong point. You only supported the argument that this could be mistaken for a wolf. While it is not COMMON to see a wolf in the area, it isn’t out of the question. Especially in a rural area, such as Wentzville, that is so close to the Busch Wildlife Reserve. Furthermore, the description of this as a “subdivision” may be lost on some. Anybody from the area knows that “subdivisions” in this area are not the sprawling suburban developments most people think of. It’s entirely common for these subdivisions to be surrounded by farmland or forest area. So the mental picture of this dog just strolling down the street in the middle of suburbia is way off base.

      • Theressa

        I too saw this Intelligent animal cross a busy highway . Thought what a rare wolf . Did not wish for any harm to come to it.

    • Jimmy Dodd

      Even if it was a wolf, They are under endangered species protection,

      And cannot be shot, unless Imminent danger is involved.

      Friggin hillbillys could’nt find a wolf in a pack of them.

      • animallover1971

        You are wrong . The wolf has been delisted. However these morans shoud have contacted conservation dept. NOT hunted this dog down. They should be punished and fined.

    • ashley cox

      even if you thought it was a wolf, why shoot it if it’s not hurting anything at the moment? this is the same mentality of people who kill snakes just because they’re there…it “might” bite someone, so just kill it. For the most part, if you leave things alone, don’t leave your pets and very small children unsupervised in places on the outskirts of human activity (i.e. a quite meadow with no one else around), predatory animals are not likely to attack you.

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      You said yourself there are a lot of wild animals around there. Do the redneck hicks in yer area shoot at all of them all the time?

      If so, sounds like the wild animals are the hicks living in that “upscale” neighborhood! I guess Pa’s land was really worth something!

    • Husky Owner

      There are still agencies tasked with animals, not vigilante residents who want to shoot something. What if their shot(s) had entered an occupied residence? If the DOG wasn’t creating an immediate threat to them (ie:self defense) they did not have the right to attack and put their fellow residents at risk.

    • MEB

      how is hunting down and shooting a non-threatening, frightened and skittish dog “protecting their families?”

  • capricorn

    I’m sick of people thinking they can do what they want because “it” is an animal and “doesn’t matter”. When will they get the message: There are plenty of people that care about animals. If you don’t like it roaming your neighborhood call animal control. These people make me sick & the people defending them are just as bad.

  • Kim Schneblin

    I am upset that they shot that dog, there were other ways to catch her, but that dog was in my area last week. 2 kids came to my home and told me a story about a wolf that attacked a small dog (chihuahua), i thought the kids were telling stories and that someone had let thier dog out (after dark) and had done the attack. Well later that night, here comes that dog(Luna) between my shed and my home, the kids were correct, it does look like a wolf, and didnt shy away from coming after my small dogs, nor my son (who works with dogs), its not scared of no one. I reported it to animal control. Sorry owner but that dog was not scared of no animal or human.

  • Katie

    I saw her on Sommers Road last week and followed her into Liberty High School. I tried to get her to come to me but she looked scared and eventually ran off into the woods. I feel so bad now that I didn’t try harder. I’

    • Becky

      It was also in my yard last week and was very skiddish of my dogs and husband we also took pics and thought it looked just like a wolf but it wouldnt come near us or our dogs!

  • Angela

    I live off Wilmer and this saddens me however not surprised by the stupidity of these people. Someone shot one of our horses during deer season 4 years ago and never came forward. Some people really need to study animals, big difference in size of dog and wolf, big difference in 300 pound horse and a deer. We do have coyotes and deer here that is what makes it a beautiful area or used to be

  • Gregg

    This story is jumping to so many conclusions. Do you really think you can tell a wold from a dog? There are MANY varieties and MANY colorations. Wolfs farther north are bigger, but some can be this small, in particular if female. Google wolfs, and look at this dog. You can tell the difference? Same proportions, same ears, same face. The fact that it is skittish and doesn’t come near adults would ALSO make it more suspicious.

    • Chach

      Agreed! When I saw the dog it was skiddish, dirty, and traveling along a forest-line. There are tons of coyotes and even bobcat and bear in the area, so to instantly rule out this animal was a wolf is silly. What the pictures don’t show you is that it stood taller than a German Shepard…..taller than your average dog.

  • Pl

    I own 2 dogs and love dogs. However, I also love kids and frankly my life the way it is with no holes in my legs. :-) I know there are dogs that look like wolves and even scary dogs just wandering around. I love animals, but when it comes down to safty I feel people come first. I don’t judge at this point because I don’t know the whole story. However, while I feel sorry that a potential unthreatening pet may have been hurt-I don’t look down on people who truly believe they are in danger.

  • 2cents

    if it was a pitbull the conversation would be over! control your dogs! sad story.. my dog got out of the yard one time .. the peeping top up the street left the gate open and she ran his perverted self home. Im glad no one shot my dog the night she got out!

  • lsl guy

    Hell I would have done the same as these two. Keep your dog chained up in your yard. Not roaming for miles.around. thing could habe rabies. Cry babies. If someones child had gotten bitten it would be awhole different story.

    • Steven Sweeney

      Letting a dog roam for 2 WEEKS..real responsible dog owner..Every dog story features a nitwit claiming “it just got out for a minute” If you don’t like the leash law, buy a stuffed animal.It’s on the book because of SCORES of irresponsible jerks that don’t want to care for or pick up after their dogs!

  • DonP

    Let’s not lose sight of the other issue here. These idiots discharged a firearm in a residential area.

  • Ivy

    Luna does not know these people that profess to be her owners. She escaped them twice, before they ever even made it home with her. The photos they have posted in the rescue page are not even their photos, those are photos her previous owner took of her. The new “owners” have no clue as to anything about her, hence they could only make vague statements in the news report. Please explain to me why she is so fearful of adults, if you know her so well.

      • Ivy

        I know the previous people that had her. And the new “Owners”
        have falsified a lot of statements about her.

      • MEB

        why do the previous owners not have her still?? had she become inconvenient?? were they moving and couldn’t take her to the new place?? were they having a baby??

      • MEB

        ALL of the people in the household had a severe injury?? wow … pretty devastating…. and then to have to rehome your dog on top of that…. can not even imagine…..

    • Ivy

      Considering he lives alone, yes. Beyond devastating. He had had her since a pup. And I promise you she did not come from a rescue and is not a Malamute/ Shepherd mix.

  • TH

    It is unfortunate that this animal’s owners were not responsible enough to control it, and it’s unfortunate that this situation ended this way. It’s hard to believe that these men could face charges for shooting what appeared to be a threat to the neighborhood children and pets, and adults for that matter. It’s sad how so many people place so much value in the life of an animal over their fellow humans. I say thanks to them for taking the initiative to protect the people and pets that live in the area before a child was maimed or killed.

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      You know, if you pathetic cowards come around to believing that shooting at any animals or people you consider even the slightest threat, our society is done. You’re attitude is pitiful and pathetic – “thank god they shot it before it hurt our precious little children, these men are heroes” – wow. Sure, it it attacks or even looks aggresive at close range, I could understand. But just being “afraid” it MIGHT hurt some of your little darlings…? That’s just being a coward.

      And that’s what’s driving this obsession with guns today – cowardice. Can’t you face life without an assault rifle in your hand? What a pity you’re so paranoid. Just keep your guns and your paranoia out of my face and away from civilized society, got it?

  • Bob

    Even if it was a wolf, they are on the Engendered Species List. You couldnt shoot it unless it was actually attacking you.

    • Kit Kat

      Totally agree. There was no reason to have shot this animal, esp because it was obviously not acting violent. Some people like these jerks, just want an excuse to shoot something and I think it’s sick and wrong.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    More gun-worshipping hicks in St. Charles County. Yee-haw – they probably got their rocks off shooting a poor defenseless animal.

    What sick hick trash these rednecks are! And these are the trailer-trash hicks who have money – living in an upscale area with downscale intelligence and humanity? Has hicks who sold the inherited land written all over it!

    And ya GOT to have a shotgun AND an assault rifle when you’re a hick going after a dog! Well, I guess when you’re THAT much of a coward, you got to be armed to the teeth to confront a little girl!

    If we had sensible gun laws, these guys would be in prison for 5 years JUST for firing those weapons in a residential neighborhood. But we don’t, because hicks like this are in control of our state right now!

    I hope justice comes to these rednecks in the form of those who live by the gun, die by the gun. That’s what they deserve. Along with Zimmerman.

  • DB

    Phil, if it WAS a wolf and it is in my backyard, where my children and dog play……you can bet your life I’m shooting it! I love animals, but I love my family more. What is lost in this story is that these men believed this animal to be a predator and a threat. They were wrong, and that is unfortunate. But nonetheless they did what they thought was protecting their families. Despite myself believing it to be a wolf, I did not see the animal as a threat when I encountered it, as it was not around anybody else when I saw it in my neighborhood. So I followed it to make sure it wasn’t going to harm anything and contacted the conservation department to report a sighting. These men did not do that, but if they truly believed this animal was a wolf (which numerous eye-witnesses attested to believing) and they had children and pets in the area like the story says, then I understand how they would take action first. It does not make it right, and it is sad that a misunderstood dog was harmed, but for anybody to sit behind their computer screen and make judgments and decide based on this small story what is criminal and what isn’t and proclaim they would act a certain way in that situation is just plain foolish.

    And Phil, it is actually “YOU’RE” an idiot, not “YOUR”. Its a contraction, as in “you are”. I wouldn’t want YOUR friends to think YOU’RE an idiot for not knowing that.

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Okay, you’re a genius, DB. But using your reasoning, used to defend the defenseless position of shooting anything that is even a remote threat and it’s okay if you “think” you are “protecting your families”, is seriously flawed and one of the reason we have such increasing violence in our country. Just yesterday, I guess that FedEx employee “thought” he was just “protecting his family” when he went on a shooting rampage, etc. etc. Just another excuse for cowardly hicks to get big guns and shoot them, having no other detectable skills or talents at anything whatsoever.

      I’d be FAR more worried about hicks like these guys “accidently” shooting my kids than I am about a dog maybe hurting them. Most smart people would be. Problem is, too many Americans just aren’t very smart. And getting dumber by the day.

    • MEB

      the only predator that was a threat in THIS story are the trigger-happy AZZHATS who took it upon themselves to discharge their firearms in a residential area at an animal that they didn’t even know what it was…. hhhhhmmmm … I thought one of the first rules of gun safety was to know what your target is……

  • Kirkwood

    Sorry, but Happy not live out in St charles/ wentzville area. I do not understand why guns and shooting in a neighborhood is acceptable. A little girl was killed not long ago because some idiot did target shooting in the backyard. This time two men are afraid of german shephard so they shot the animal. Really, I do not understand why do these people have guns? If someone is that unstable and scared they should not have a gun.

  • ME

    (If you spot Luna, please call the Pet Adoption Center at 636-949-7387.) How can you do this if Luna has been killed?!?!

  • "Opinionated"

    “Armchair quarterback: a person who offers advice or an opinion on something in which they have no expertise or involvement”

  • PMP

    I am so sad to hear this. When Luna first ran from her home she came to our neighborhood. She was very skittish and afraid of everyone that tried to catch her. When you saw her you would know immediately that she was not a threat. She was here for about a week and we were feeding her. We have several outside cats and 2 dogs and she never acted aggressive to them. I had hoped that she had made it home since we hadn’t seen her for several days. I am truly disturbed that someone thinks they have the right to shoot an animal, especially with an assault rifle. In my opinion he was probably waiting for any excuse to use it. Thank God no one was hurt. Shame on the men who hunted down a defenseless animal. I am sorry for the owners who spent many days and hours trying to catch her. I hope she is found safe and well.

  • shaykiddy

    Luna came to our front yard about a week ago and she did in fact look like a wolf. That being said, she showed no signs of aggression and even wanted to play with our boxer ” spade”. She was skidding though and kept leaving and coming back. We called the police and the animal control center and no one came or did anything about it. Hope the poor thing is ok.

  • tiredofourgovernment

    Hey bye bye to the right go crawl back in the CITY SEWER where you came from and shut the heck up!!!!
    Now my neighbor saw this dog and she asked me about it as it was in our back yards for a couple of mornings.
    She told me that she thought it was a coyote but I said I didn’t think it was when it didn’t act skiddish or aggressive to her and her dog. She said that it would almost come right up to them, and in fact didn’t have a tag or collar, I told her that a coyote wouldn’t do that first of all.
    I also told her that she needed to contact Wentzville Police Dept and she said that did that and they told her that nothing could be done about this animal.
    I had a sick feeling that it was a dog all along that was lost.
    Now why someone couldn’t mind their own business and shoot the dog. You just don’t shoot a dog, unless it is aggressive toward you, your family, or your own pets.
    And if I am not mistaken it has to actually be attacking one of the three before you can just shoot it.

  • MEB

    I have seen Red Foxes in BALLWIN…. wildlife is not unusual anywhere there is room for them to hide and hunt…. but that doesn’t give anyone the right to shoot it…. especially if it is not behaving in a threatening manner, which by all accounts, was the case for Luna….. I just hope she can be caught and receive appropriate vet care for her injuries…..

  • Notsure

    It’s real simple find it and do a blood test and you will find that it is a wolf hybrid . I have dogs and was raised on a farm and you can bet if our family felt threatened you can bet I would have shot it to .

  • bscowden

    I live in ofallon and have Turkey deer just recently I got pictures of three peacocks in my yard all the time. I have 4 rescue dogs I trained dogs and there are some dogs that cannot be trained not to run. I have one that no matter what, she has a pretty drive, and when she starts tracking She runs. with that being said no dog deserves shot for doing what nature tells it to do

  • lacie

    Why have no charges been filed?! This is against the law! To even shoot a gun with in 100 yards of homes! Not to mention what they were aiming at!! The officer that did the same thing not long ago was asked to leave his position. These men should be charged for animal abuse and endangering the welfare of others. It doesn’t matter if they thought the dog was. Something needs to come of this. Now

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