Two killed in New Baden Semi-truck crash

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NEW BADEN, IL (KTVI) - The Illinois State Police say two people died Wednesday morning after the semi-truck they were in slammed into an overpass.  The crash happened just after 6 a.m. on Interstate 64 just east of New Baden, Illinois.

The two killed were a 27-year-old driver and his 54-year-old passenger.  Both men are from Florida. Authorities say both died on the scene.

The accident is under investigation but authorities think the 27-year-old driver may have fallen asleep behind the wheel.  A witness told police the truck veered left and then veered to the right before hitting the overpass at full speed.

The westbound lanes of Interstate 64 were shut down for several hours while crews cleaned up debris and cleared the damaged truck and its goods from the highway.



  • J.R. (@GooniorJr)

    This looks like a clear cut case of the driver falling asleep, no tire marks and the fact it happened at 6 A.M. driver was probably driving all night. I’ve “been there, done that” before, that was 20 years ago and glad I’m not doing it anymore.

  • T

    This is so sad, prayers go out to this mans family… my brother is a truck driver and I worry about this happening to him all the time.. please pull over and get your sleep, no freight is worth someones life !!

  • KS

    Reports are saying now two were killed:( so sad prayers to each ones family. one of my relatives is a truck driver and the best thing you can do driving long days is to pull over and get sleep!

  • Angela Jones Brown

    wow I don’t know what to say. It’s so sad and prayers go out to family and friends. My husband drives, and it’s a scary thought.

  • sano2bsafe

    Sad. These truckers should have their own routes. They are so big and often times they drive too fast in any kind of weather. Trucker be safe when you fill sleepy just pull over and be safe seriously. A sleepy driver is as bad as a drunk driver. My condolences to the family.

  • "Opinionated"

    As a “former” truck driver (15+ years), the heartless companies “I” drove for “DID” place more priority on the freight than my personal safety….money money money was their only concern.
    So glad I don’t drive anymore….my condolences to those involved.
    Sad that there are many across this country who don’t have a clue, that without trucks, America stops!

  • Donna

    My hubby is also a driver and I used to be, but the loads are not worth yr life get sleep first and foremost I am just praying for both family in this sad tragic I know God is already holding them together, Blessing and Prayers!!!!!!!

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