Some Canadian parents want Dr. Seuss classic banned

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hop(STLMoms) – Some parents are trying to get a Dr. Seuss book banned.  The book in question is “Hop on Pop.”

Some Canadians say it encourages children to use violence against their fathers.  Despite a demand to ban the classic, Toronto Public Library is rejecting the request.

Library officials say the book actually tells children not to “hop on pop.”


      • Monica

        Not to start an argument but Bieber was a good kid til he went to the U.S. Also not all Canadians are that dumb, my son loves the books and if he decides to jump on his father well that is probably because kids like to do that…

    • garyth evans

      Hate to tell you. It is not Canadians in General, just the small percentage of the population that are idiots and have nothing better to do. Speaking of Bieber, He was fine until the Americans got a hold of him then he turned into one of them, disrespectful, low iq, idiot….

  • "Opinionated"

    “….encourages children to use violence against their fathers”…..seriously?
    The liberal left needs to GET A LIFE!

      • Dipshit Exposer

        Of course Sweeney, the poster boy of the clueless right wing nutcakes, again has no clue and says something nonsensical. What an assswipe

    • Dipshit Exposer

      Hey Dipshit, you got it backwards. Dr Suess was a well known outspoken LIBERAL who was called a pinko commie environmentalist by many wacko right wing dingdongs for years. Right wingers in the US tried to ban his books for years you clueless twit. Why are right wing conservative fruitcakes so friggin stupid?

      • Steven Sweeney

        Casey bug just went full R e t a r d . Theodore geisel (dr seuss) was a captain in the army during ww 2 and even won an academy award for his PRO WAR cartoons.The only controversey seuss ever had is when he FAVORED Japanese internment camps (like FDR) and both sides criticized seuss for it. Horton hears a who is an allegory of Hiroshima and the A bomb. Next time you listen to grown ups talk, make sure they’re not as adle minded as you!

      • Dipshit Exposer

        He was a liberal idiot. His books promoted respect for civil rights, equality, environmental causes and even sharing of wealth. You are so friggin stupid you don’t even understand Dr Suess.

  • iLoveLife

    Wow. Canadians – NOBODY IS FORCING YOU TO BUY OR READ THE BOOK. So don’t buy or read it. Idiots.

    • Shannon

      Just to clue you in a little, there are over 30 million Canadians and 1 who wants a book banned. This article was badly written, badly researched and is about 3 weeks outdated. So, should we assume that since the “journalist” who wrote it is an idiot, all Americans must be as well?

  • FOXisMyComedyChannel_ComedyChannelIsMyNewsChannel

    Once again, FOX brings us the important news, fair and balanced.And people respond to this with RAGE! All I can say is that FOX NEWS is my Comedy Channel and Comedy Channel is my News source. Go figure. Bunch of nitwits on here.

  • Kim Luechtefeld

    Wow! With all the truly offensive media in the world, why is historic literature being targeted? Why is this a touchy, emotional subject? I don’t get some people.

  • Jennifer

    All you people getting defensive and arguing over this subject are a Tad ridiculous, your getting beat out of shape over this…really?? There’s more important things in life to think about than argue over what is and isn’t wrong with a Dr.suess book.

  • shamarra young

    Really, its just a kids story!!!!! I guess people have too much time on their hands! That’s just sad!!!!!!

  • karen miller

    i can remember this book and others that i had of his it didnt make he to hit my dad or anything else the i can remember that he even read them with me it is so sad that people got to get so uptight over kids books like this when there other things that we need to speak up for and dont

  • Penny

    I read this book when I was younger and I read them to my sons and they are now reading them to their childern.I see nothing wrong with them.

  • Blaine webb

    The people who banned it are retarded Dr.Suess is a well known author what will one foot two foot encourage tripping.

  • Emcee

    well, I guess some people just don’t know what is good for them. I mean – he explains things so children can understand it – well maybe some adults are just too dense – or they were deprived when they were children. I am actually surprised that the US Congress doesn’t jump on the bandwagon also – after all, they banned Uncle Tom’s Cabin because of the use of the lingo that was very common at that time. I heard they also wanted to ban Tom Sawyer because the same language was also used. Me – I like to read ALL books – good for the brain and believe it or not – even Dr Seuss is good for the brain.

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