Why Teen Dad Must Fight Adoption Agency for His Child

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(KTVI) - Hundreds of you have commented on our story of a teen dad fighting for his child.  A 16 year-old boy says an adoption agency is standing in the way of him raising his child.  He also has a second child, with another girl, on the way.

Reporter Chris Hayes asked, 'Did it ever cross your mind, `I can`t do this?`'
Cody answered, 'No, never crossed my mind.'

Cody Deadmond said he went to the hospital after his ex-girlfriend gave birth.  He described holding the baby when he talked about, ‘...looking at him smiling. Whenever the nurses or anybody else tried holding him he would start crying.'

Though Deadmond says he wants to raise his child, he failed to notify what`s called the Illinois Putative Father Registry.    You have 30 days to register after a birth.  16-year-old Deadmond said he and his family didn`t know such a registry existed. His baby was born February 4th and Deadmond put in his name about two weeks late.

He`s since hired attorney Lucinda Bugden who said, '(Deadmond and his family) went to a lawyer, not me, who didn`t give them the right advice and now he didn`t register within the 30 day period.'

The potential adoptive parents of Deadmond`s baby are north of Chicago in Rockford, IL, where attorney Bugden practices.  She added, '(Cody) wants to be a father, he wants to step up. There`s no reason to think this child can`t be healthy and loved by the father and his family.'

Though Deadmond missed the deadline to register as a father, his stepdad explained how his son showed the right intentions.  Bo Stell said, '(by getting) the DNA first. Prove the baby`s yours and he did that right away as soon as we got the (notification from the adoption agency) we had the DNA ready to go.'

Now they say the adoption agency won`t get the baby DNA tested.  We spoke to Loyolla University Chicago Professor Bruce Boyer is also a child welfare attorney.  He said, 'If a child ends up feeling like their adoptive parents took them away from biological family members that wanted to care for them and fought for them and would`ve been capable of caring for them that can end up being very detrimental.'

Deadmond says he can care for his baby, but friends of the birth mother told Fox 2 about another baby Deadmond`s expecting, with another High School girl.  Deadmond says he can raise both kids, with his family`s help.

I asked Professor Boyer about people`s temptation to judge.  He answered, 'I don`t think you can ever say categorically that one set of circumstances is going to lead to a better outcome than another and we also know that as kids get older, it becomes increasingly important for them to know something about their biological families.

That means it could end up being very important to this child to know his father fought for him, no matter the outcome and also important for him to learn that his mother sought an adoption agency because she believed it could give her child the best possible life.

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Teen dad says adoption agency stands in the way of raising his baby

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  • Kelly

    Whether or not he has another child on the way with another girl has no baring on whether or not he would be a good father. It takes two to tango and the second mother is just as responsible for the pregnancy as he is. He has every right to raise his children just like every other man. I applaud him in his efforts to be the father he wants to be. So people stop judging him because guaranteed you yourself are not perfect!!!

  • Mary

    I agree that we can not just assume that with him the child will have a bad parent. I am sure the adoption agency did not notify him of the thirty rule though quick to point it out after missing it by a couple of weeks. If he was at the hospital and met the child, it was known who the potential biological father was and his rights should be looked at as well.

  • Amber

    That boy needs to buy buy a box of condoms before he has a third baby on the way! That being said, I see no reason why he can’t raise his own child if he wants to. He will have the help of his family and I’m sure the child will be provided for and have a good life. I think the adoption agency, along with the adoptive parents are as much as stealing this baby! The child needs to be given over to the father asap!

    • Bob

      He needs to use condoms before he spreads an incurable disease from a previous partner to future ones.

  • Jason

    I love how most of yall just assume his parents is gonna raise this baby andbe on state funds because hes having another baby with that said then EVERYONE who has twins must be state funded.does anything think mYbe he has a plan? Like go straigt to work after school to pay for them or join the military? Plus the baby hes expecting now will also have surport from her parents too. But yall go straight to the negative comments about how he should of put on a condom why wasnt the girls on birth control? They both knew what could happen with out any protection. Its not all his fault its their fault too. A lot of yalls comments are sexist instead of bashing him about not wearing condoms how about you bash the girls for not getting on birth control?

  • people are stupid

    Just cause he has two babies on the way by two different mother’s does not mean he can’t care for them…I’m a single mom of 4 kids my oldest being 15 and born when I was 17..I also have three different baby daddy’s but that doesn’t make me any less of a mom to my children..so sick of hearing the negative things because he has two baby momma…if he is willing to care for his child then allow him to do so…the mother didn’t want him and he is choosing to step up…GIVE HIM THE CHANCE…if need be do a trial run and see how he does then go from there…

  • NCHS Student

    I go to school with this kid and he’s doing it all for media attention. I use to be really good friends with the mother of this child and the way Cody treated her and the threating text messages he would send her made me sick. He’s a trouble maker and has a bad temper. He can’t even take care of himself, how is he going to be able to raise a child?

  • Misty

    I’m shocked that this is even an issue! The “baby buying market” is disgusting! No parent has all the right answers. Mine sure didn’t come with instructions! Give this young man his child back.

  • Nikki

    so if he was at the hospital when the baby was born, why was he not notified of this at the time. because I know someone from the agency was most likely either there, or had very frequent contact to make sure it was all going smoothly.

  • Kim Haltenhoff

    I know this kid personally and he was extremely mean and abusive to my step daughter and was always getting into fights. He needs to go to anger management before he starts trying to be a father. I wouldn’t want my kids being raised by another kid that has anger issues. My step-daughter was not the only one that he was physically abusive to and needless to say it was only 2 years ago and she was only 10 at the time!!!

  • ShanaLaughton

    Oh, now I see what’s going on.

    Baby Momma #1 finds out he’s seeing Baby Momma #2, finds out Baby Momma #2 still stands by him and wants to raise both babies, and does the biggest teenage girl spite thing she can do. Gives the baby away so no one can have dibs.

    Regardless of what game’s being played, this is still the father of the baby that was given away. He deserves the chance to raise the baby, together with his extended family, who seems to be supporting him.

    There needs to be a national law that requires both mom and dad to give up their rights in front of a judge.

    This “putative father” list smacks of bias. Only people rich enough or connected enough know about it, which means rich people get to keep their babies, poor ones lose them through paperwork errors.

    Not cool.

  • Killberry

    There are people here saying they know the boy and he has anger issues etc… This sounds like it’s a control issue more than anything else. The baby should go to the adoptive parents, he doesn’t want the baby, he wants the control.

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