7 arrested at Washington University protest

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ST. LOUIS (AP) – Seven Washington University students have been arrested as part of a protest over the university’s affiliation with the coal company Peabody Energy.

The arrests happened Friday as some of the protesters allegedly tried to enter a campus building where the board of trustees were meeting. Activists want Peabody Chief Executive Greg Boyce to resign from the board.

The students were detained without incident. It wasn’t immediately clear what charges they could face. One of those arrested, Julia Ho, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that she was charged with trespassing and peace disturbance, then released.

The university has been the site of several protests against Peabody over the past month.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    So what else is new in the land of no longer free?

    Oh, we continue to have freedom to pack 25 assault rifles and Uzi’s and machine guns in your pickup truck, and carry around firearms everywhere even though it doesn’t say that specifically anywhere in the Constitution.

    But it DOES specifically say we have the right to assemble and peaceably protest, yet we don’t have those rights anymore, in fact, just about no rights anymore EXCEPT to be armed to the teeth. You know, the most dangerous and dumbest right of all is the one we still have.

    They will probably be charged with “not going along with the corporate conspiracy to allow the wealthy to own and control all our resources, like the mindless sheep of the far-right do”.

    Or maybe they’ll just be charged with NOT being mindless right-wing lemmings.

    These students are the real heroes of today, not the mindless right-wing sheep of the National Guard going wherever the rich tell the to go to defend some more rich trash in the world. But, I guess if you want to live on the welfare dime for life, that’s what ya gotta do.

      • ByeByeToTheRite

        SMART trust fund liberals – not the dimwad dumb trust fund liberals of the Tea Party, who usually barely made third grade but have a lot of money thanks to Pa!

    • Steven Sweeney

      Beyond stupid as usual.The bill of rights has the 2 nd amendment. As far as welfare, look up the “great society” founded BY LBJ which wasted trillions of taxpayer dollars on housing projects for gangbangers and thugs who are all liberals.Unless crips and bloods are tea party you brainless wonder!

    • carpfisher

      Here we Here we go again with Bye Bye trolling every post with any political affiliation and AUTOMATICALLY name calling, and not giving any useful information other than his own EXTREME LEFT WING nonsense. Bye Bye, why cant you understand that when you start calling people sheep or lemmngs that you are in fact that! you are a slave to one party and a slave to a narrow mindset. Please open your mind and try to see both sides to every opinion.

  • Exposer of Idiots

    Good for them. Fight the power. Fight the Man. It’s about time some of these teens/20 somethings fought for a cause and got some idealism. Last time I checked, our Constitution guaranteed the right of free speech and assembly. Also, if they were Wash U students, they were not trespassing on their own campus. Don’t give in, hire a lawyer and fight this jack booted thug government oppression. You paid good tuition money to be at that school, you have every right to go anywhere on campus you want. Stand up to the right wing Man. Save the environment and keep hope alive.

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