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Mascoutah man faces sexual abuse charges for assaulting 11-year-old girl

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pete richardson

(KTVI) – A Mascoutah man faces charges of sexual abuse. Police say Pete Richardson assaulted a girl in 2001 when she was 11-years-old. They say he did it more than once. Police do not believe there are any other victims.

He’s locked up on a half million dollars bond.


    • Exposer of Idiots

      Sexual assault is not a capital crime. We should fry all right wing dipshits like you for your stupidity.

      • Exposer of Idiots

        Where in that post do you see the word “evangelical” you complete blubbering idiot? Man are you stupid. Thank you for living up to expectations, and proving my point.

  • k

    Wouldn’t that have made him under the age of 18 when it happened? Pretty sure he isn’t much older than me…

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