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Sober driver arrested for drunk driving when deputy crashes into her car

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MILWAUKEE, WI (KTVI) – A woman in Wisconsin, who survived cancer when she was 3, went through years of treatment, and even had a metal rod inserted into spine to straighten her back after prolonged radiation is living with more trauma now.

She pursued a college degree and had a spotless driving record.

Then one night, a sheriff’s deputy rolled through a stop sign and slammed into her car.

Her neck was broken in four places. She was injured so badly she could not breathe into a breathalizer or perform a sobriety check. Blood tests later showed she was completely sober.

But another deputy arrested for her drunk driving.

Read the full story here: Sober driver arrested for OWI when deputy crashes into her car


  • 1082

    I hate cops, especially the st louis city and county police. Mo highway patrol are actually somewhat decent

  • oldglasslady

    This is why folks don’t trust police. And judging by the dent in the car, the broken neck etc. he did not just ROLL through the stop but went through in a hurry!!!

  • David Utley

    Good points digitalmama07 and Katherine. Earl must be a cop!! What would it matter if she was on her prescribed pain killers, the COP RAN the stop sign, causing her injuries. Don’t see anything about the cop being seriously injured. Take his job and pay her!!!! PERIOD!!!

  • Jim

    Earl is the ignorant one here. Read it Earl. Just like the cops, STUPID! Pay up cops, and Earl, stay off the computer, until you learn to think before you speek. Your mother raised an idote.

  • Exposer of Idiots

    Yet another lying pos thug cop. So many of these cops are virtual criminals themselves who think they are omnipotent and can get away with anything. I bet he was a head shaver too. The bald ones who think they are tough guys are the worst.


    BYE BYE if you are drunk or impaired the accident is automatically your fault because you should not be on the road impaired. This makes perfect sense. Accidents are also automatically your fault if you are uninsured. So the moral of the story is if you are impaired or uninsured stay off the road. Fairly simple to understand

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