Teacher tenure, early voting measures submitted

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) _ Backers of initiative petitions to eliminate teacher tenure and to allow an early voting period have submitted signatures to get the measure on the November ballot.

Teach Great, the group supporting the teacher proposal, says it turned in more than 275,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office ahead of Sunday’s deadline for groups to submit petitions. An attorney for the early voting effort says 300,000 signatures were submitted.

Both measures would amend Missouri’s Constitution. The teacher initiative would require school districts to adopt an evaluation system based on “quantifiable student performance data.” The early voting proposal would allow a six-week voting period before state and federal elections.

Election officials must now verify the signatures to ensure the proposal qualifies for the ballot.


  • Lynn

    Perfect! As a teacher I think it is insane to be judged on my students abilities! Why or why does every kid have to be the same and learn at the same pace as everyone else! Seriously, we do the best we can to teach and help children retain the information they are taught, but some kids are not good test takers or they just have such poor home life that school is the least of their concern, just not getting beat or having food is their worry.
    As a parent who has a child that doesn’t learn at the same pace as all the other children, I find it disturbing that because he does not score a high enough grade on a test he is considered a failure by our public education system. He is an inventor and knows more than most kids his age but he is judged on a stupid score! We are raising a society of children who can not think, design or create on their own, because we are too busy making them be like everyone else. I worry about our future will we be able to develop new concepts, business, or inventions anymore once we are all the same? If people would really look at this I think they would see that other countries and other eras have tried the lets divide kids that we deem worth into one category or trying to make everyone the same and it never ended well. I just think that people who judge teachers should maybe talk to teachers.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    The teacher initiative is yet another case of the rich and privileged buying our government and hijacking our legilative process.

    Good ol’ Rex the Rich Man (worked gosh-dern HARD for it, too – whew!) now has paid for this to be on our ballot, and of course he will pay millions more to put ads on to convince the mindless sheep of the far-right that we need to measure teachers and teaching like we measure a sales person’s performance. Like they’re somehow connected.

    The only thing in our favor is that, in SPITE of the unfair and unjust influence BIG MONEY has on our elections, Rex doesn’t have such a good track record and MOST of his initiatives have LOST at the ballot box.

    Let’s hope this dumb idea also LOSES. Whatever it’s called, don’t vote for Rex’s call to treat teachers like some kind of competitive game. Let the wealthy capitalists play their competitive games that are destroying business and free enterprise in this country and leave social functions like teaching out of it!

    The early voting law is a good one, though. Be prepared for Rex to spend a LOT of money AGAINST that one, too – my gosh, it may actually allow some disenfranchised voters who normally don’t get to vote a voice, which may result in government that represents a real MAJORITY in this country, unlike it is now – and the rich just can’t have that!

    • Joe

      Just because a teacher has tenure doesn’t mean they can’t be fired. They are just given due process, where as non-tenure teachers do not get due process.

      Most schools don’t get rid of ineffective teachers, just like worthless employees stay in lots of businesses.

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