Bear cub that caused Wash U rabies scare moving to the Zoo

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- A petting zoo’s bear cub that caused a rabies scare at Washington University after biting students will be getting a new home. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that “Boo Boo” is moving to the St. Louis Zoo for now.

The male cub was moved to the Zoo Tuesday by the Missouri Department of Conservation. The bear will be kept in quarantine for 30 days, during which veterinarians will take blood, test for parasites, and watch his eating habits.

It is not clear how long the bear would stay at the Zoo. Jack Grisham, vice president of the zoo’s animal collections, told the paper, “We haven’t gotten that far yet. We said we’d help. We will find a home for it.”

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Cindy’s Petting Zoo was allowed on campus last week to provide some stress relief for studentsduring finals. The zoo brought a variety of animals including the small bear cub named, “Boo Boo.” Several students held and cuddled the bear and it bit and nipped at some of them, breaking the skin on 14 students.

The St. Louis County Health Department determined that the bear was not a rabies threat and that students did not need to undergo treatment. Testing the bear for rabies would have meant having to euthanize it.


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