St. Louis police to launch hot-spot policing in another north St. Louis neighborhood

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – St. Louis police are launching another round of hot-spot policing in north St. Louis Wednesday morning. Roll call will be held in the Wells-Goodfellow neighborhood at 10 a.m.

Officers will patrol in marked and unmarked cars, in uniform and in plain clothes and will include unit from the department's SWAT Team and traffic divisions.


  • 1082

    I work in st louis law enforcement, no with the police though. Whats going to happen is the police will spend a week in the area and the criminals will lay low. Then when the police ” hot spot ” another area, crime will return to its high rate up and down Goodfellow

    • Doyoureallybelievethat314

      That wouldn’t work at all. What you would get is a lot of property damage and several high speed chases where the suspects get away like usual…

  • James Jackson

    I’m a resident in well good fellow neighborhood and I called the police to report a burglary in progress. The police never showed up.

    • rose

      James, that means you did all you could to stop a crime, a person can only help the police so much, they have to do their part and showing up is part of it.

  • Doyoureallybelievethat314

    That wouldn’t work at all! What you would get is a lot of property damage, and more high speed chases. You think criminals care about a road block??? Furthermore,if they can avoid cops in plain clothes, I’m sure they can avoid a checkpoint.

  • 2cents

    send in the soldiers that cant find work and pay them $1,000.00 for every dead thug and $500.00 for every stolen pistol they take off the streets

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