Missouri lawmakers pass funeral protest law change

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) _ Missouri lawmakers have sent Gov. Jay Nixon a bill designed to clear up potential confusion about the state law restricting protests at funerals.

The law now requires protesters to stay 300 feet away from funeral sites, from an hour before they start until an hour after services end. But a federal appeals court ruled that buffer zone could not be enforced in regard to funeral processions.

The measure that passed with a unanimous Senate vote Wednesday specifies that processions are not included in the protest ban. The House approved the bill previously.

Another federal judge upheld the rest of Missouri’s law, but the bill could stave off future lawsuits.

The legal challenge was brought by a Kansas church that denounces homosexuality and frequently protests at funerals.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    So, the Missouri rural Republican legislators SIDED with Westboro? Changed the law to comply with their frivilous lawsuit and an activist judge’s ruling? They’ll now ALLOW these atrocious protests during the procession?

    Ah, most of us already knew that. Rural Missouri Republicans and Westboro – two peas in a pod, two brothers-in-arms together.

    P.S. I wonder where Westboro gets all that cash to do all these legal challenges? Wow, I’m guessing the leaders and members there WORK AWFULLY HARD to earn all that money! LOL Yeah, right. As usual for right-wing extremists, had it all handed to them over generations of inheritance, while complaining when others don’t work for their money. Just more phony hypocrites.

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