Lockdown lifted at Normandy Middle School

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NORMANDY, MO (KTVI) - Reports of an intruder at a north St. Louis County middle school on Thursday prompted a lockdown and full-fledged investigation.

Normandy Middle School parents are holding their kids a little bit tighter, knowing that the threat of an intruder like this can end in tragedy.  Parent Rozina Johnson says, “My daughter called me, she was crying, she was like, there’s an intruder, so I ran up here as fast as I could, and couldn’t get in.”

School property was blocked off for nearly an hour, as police investigated a text message, sent by one student to another at around 3 in the afternoon, stating that there was an intruder inside the middle school.

Normandy School District Spokesperson Daphne Dorsey says, “Once we found that information out, precautions were taken to lock the school down.  We alerted our security personnel, and local law enforcement officials from the nearby communities came in to assist.”

It was a traumatic experience for several of these students.  Eighth grader Heaven Thomas explains, “It was scary because our counselor, she was putting a shelf by the door, like it was a real emergency. And she had a stool, just in case, you know, they came in.”

“They said that we should stay in the classroom and get down on the ground,” adds seventh grader DeAnn McKenzie, “I thought it was going to be my last few moments of life.”

Law enforcement did a complete sweep of the building, and found no signs of an intruder. By 3:30, the lockdown had ended, 30 minutes after regular dismissal time.  The scene was gridlock, as buses pulled out, and confused parents tried to pick up their children.

“I was scared because they didn’t call us, hadn’t told us anything. Just to hear her call me, I’m just wondering what’s going on, why they hadn’t called any parents yet,” says Johnson.

But the school district spokesperson says there was a reason for the delayed communication with parents: “We want to make sure that we’re aware of the situation, as soon as we determine what’s going on, then we’re in the process, if we haven’t already done so, of doing automated robocalls to our parents at Normandy Middle School, alerting them about what’s going on.”

There are still unanswered questions about the origin of this threat, but for now, both parents and students are relieved.  Hugging her daughter, Johnson says, “I’m glad she’s right here.”

The elementary school next door was also placed on lockdown as a precaution.




  • Cherisse

    Okay KTVI…What is the deal with picture #4 in your photo gallery for this article. You stated that the lockdown was protocol for an intruder being inside the building. It’s pretty lousy and deceitful of you to include this picture and make the situation seem worst than what it really is.

  • Lindsey

    I think someone messed up. That picture is the headline for another article about a home invasion suspect being killed.

  • velma

    I am a grandparent of a Normandy -Lucas Crossing and we have not heard what happen can we get some help. Lucas Crossing is on lockdown also. What happening.

  • Tom Michaels

    Thank goodness Fox 2 broke into regular programming for this. What a joke. Everything is not breaking news. You look foolish trying to be the first to report when you have no clue what has happened. Also careless to break in about the homeowner shooting a potential intruder. There was no threat to anyone, the prep was dead. Stop sensationalizing everything. We get plenty of news the two hours you are on each evening. TV news reporting is a joke. They lack credibility and think people want to know every little thing that happens. We don’t. You better run now, I think the mayor just farted. You should have a copter in the air and people on the scene reporting on this now.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Isn’t Normandy alway on a lock down? Soon all the kids will be in prison lock down.

      • Eric

        If it is “not your problem” then keep your opinions to yourself. You can’t ask why a certain course of action isn’t being taken and when an issue with that course of action is pointed out just say “not my problem”. Normandy is one of the poorer areas of the county. Violence is pretty bad in comparison to the rest of the city. I have several students that have had siblings shot and killed. If you want to neglect the poor fine, then keep your nose out of what is going on in those areas. The area can do without your complaining without any solutions.

      • Steven Sweeney

        Eric: I have every right to speak up since Normandy has been squandering my taxpayer money for YEARS! If you have a problem with free speech, take your commie tactics to russia!

  • David Moffatt

    How do you go from the lockdown, to closing the school and talking bad about the kids? Agendas! smh!

      • Eric

        The 2 people you replied to were not me. I guess you don’t know how to reply. I am in SSD out of Normandy and yes we are accredited. Also I started there the year they lost accreditation. So any teacher who is willing to work at Normandy is part of the problem? So by your logic if a teacher wants to make a difference there, they are automatically a bad teacher? Love the liberal logic. Just say there is a problem, suggest an impossible solution, and when issues with the solution are pointed out just say “not my problem”. How would you like the problem addressed realistically?

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