Quiz: Do you have what it takes to become a US citizen?

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Do you have what it takes to become a US citizen? Daniel Hernandez with the Immigrant Archive Project took to the streets of Miami to see if anyone could pass the naturalization test. Part of the test is answering 10 questions out of a pool 100. You have to answer 6 of the questions correctly to earn your citizenship.

They quizzed 15 people and only one passed. The winner scored the minimum of 6 out of 10 correct answers.

More info: www.immigrantarchiveproject.com


  • Yolanda

    I would feel sorry for them, but I don’t. Whether we remember the facts or not, every person in this country had to take the Constitution test at some point. I took it in the 8th grade. Why should they be exempt? Learn the history. I wouldn’t move to another country and expect not to learn that countries history.

  • JR

    Yes, its simple, speak no english, get a drivers license, have no social security number and your set

  • Jazmyn

    We got enough people in this country having hard enough time fighting all the old people that cant retire for a job. So think no one needs in that wasnt born here.

  • middleman

    Am I wrong, or is the point of this story that people born here have no more right to be here than immigrants, legal or not?

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