Saint Louis University responds to racial incidents

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ST. LOUIS (AP) _ A pair of racial incidents at Saint Louis University has some students calling for a stronger administrative response.

In late April, a group of candles set outside a dorm for a vigil were rearranged into a swastika symbol. More recently, a projector in a campus ballroom was altered to display several racist and anti-gay messages.

KMOX-AM ( ) reports the university’s Black Student Alliance held a news conference Tuesday to demand more diversity on campus.

Interim President William Kauffman attended the event and said the university will meet with the black student group and other student organizations to discuss proposed changes.
Information from: KMOX-AM,


  • Cit Riverview

    Please explain this sentence “reports the university’s Black Student Alliance held a news conference Tuesday to demand more diversity on campus.” What is it that the university should do. Look at the school district around the st. Louis area are doing, Failing. Don’t kid anyone, this is happening across the country in district similar to the makeup of the student body in the minority precincts. Where are they going to get qualified students who come out of those district?????

  • RAM

    The university is such a large entity, such like Ameren, Laclede Gas, SWBT, Demand them (the utility companies) to give us lower utility bills and see where that get you. They will tell you ” if you don’t like it go some where else”. Lucky for the students , there are other institutions to Attend if the diversity issue is a problem.

    • KW

      Come on, no one is calling anyone racist. Someone forming a White Student Alliance isn’t racist. It’s the actions of that organization which will define them. The Black Student Alliance’s goal is is increase diversity on SLU’s campus in a way that high quality students from all backgrounds will work and learn there. If there were a White Student Alliance doing the same, that would NOT be considered racist.

      It’s comments like this sir/madam that keep us from professing together. Yes, I’m Black. No, I am not looking for handouts or any school of lower there standards for the sake of ‘diversity.’ It’s acts like these that keep good minority students away from institutions like these. I am not asking you to go love every minority, but please learn a little more about different people from all backgrounds. I just want our kids to live in a better world.

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