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This will make your day…

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(KTVI) – Remember the viral video where a homeless man thought he won the lottery?  It was an act of kindness that gave him a new start.

It’s been a few months since the video’s producer, YouTube user “Magic of Rahat,” surprised the homeless man and got him off to a new start.  Now he’s back with a new gift for Eric.

A fundraising site raised $44,000 for Eric. Now he’s in for the surprise of his life.

Watch the original video:



  • Ashley

    I love that after getting $1000 from a stranger, the next time we see Eric he has on a nice pair of khaki’s, a button up shirt and he has a job!! Not everybody would have been in that situation. Most people would still be in the same “boat” that we left them in. Not Eric,,,, I hope God continues to bless your efforts Eric!They aren’t going unnoticed!!

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