Vice President Biden coming to St. Louis

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(KTVI) – The White House announced Thursday that Vice President Joe Biden will be visiting St. Louis on Tuesday.

Biden will be in town for an event on the economy, but the White House did not release any other details.

Biden has visited the St. Louis area once already this year.  In February, Biden paid a visit to America`s Central Port in Madison County to mark the fifth anniversary of the President`s stimulus package.


  • Just Me

    Very nice Steve………Very nice.

    What did St. Louis do to deserve this misfortune?

    BTW…..Bye…Bye had to get out of his Mom’s basement because she wanted to take him out for dinner.

    Apparently, McDonald’s has a new toy in their Happy Meal and she wanted him to have one.

    Might take a few extra minutes to get there as he’ll only make left turns.

  • tiredofourgovernment

    He’s going to come to St. Louis to teach people on going out on balconies and firing two shots from their double barrel shotgun in the air to scare intruders off.
    Oh wait they already do that in someplaces in down town

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