Viral Video: This may be the worst “Family Feud” fail ever

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(KTVI) – Sometimes it’s harder than it looks.  The Sass family of California only needed 18 points to win $20,000 on the “Family Feud,” but Anna Sass just couldn’t pull it off.

Now, we all know how Family Feud works, but watching this clip make you feel really, really bad for Anna.




    • TioZoso

      Really? So you’re gonna sit there and say you can do better? Those were not easy, especially when you have all the number 1 answers on the other side! Go on and show off how much better you are, if you can.

      • BillyMO

        That is how Family Feud works, you can not just both give the same answer. Her partner went before her and got 182 by giving those answers. You can’t repeat them. The way this works for the second person is just to try and get an answer that will get them some points. The first person is really supposed to set it up here, which he did better than any I have ever seen.

        As I was watching here is what I thought:
        1. Just give an extreme, 8-10
        3.Cicada (I don’t know how many points that would get me)
        5.Debt/Financial trouble

        That would probably get me 18

  • adztheman

    ”Lust” might have gotten her the 18 she needed…she got that number in her head, and it freaked her out…the response her family was priceless..its ok…

  • Michaelle Trpttier

    It amazes me that several on here have put her down for being stupid, yet they can’t even type a reply without misspelling simple words.

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