Wash U to again allow credit for ROTC classes

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ST. LOUIS (AP) _ Washington University in St. Louis has scrapped a 44-year-old policy barring students from receiving academic credit for certain military science courses.

Faculty members in the university’s largest undergraduate division have voted to let students in the Reserve Officer Training Corps receive course credit starting in the fall.

The policy had been adopted in 1970 as a response to a wave of anti-military campus protests during the Vietnam War.

Professors in the school’s Arts and Sciences division voted 28-17 in favor of the change. Proponents said it fits with Washington University’s efforts to recruit more students from varied economic backgrounds.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Thanks to conservative trash over the last 30 years, we’re just continuously rolling BACK the clock, aren’t we? Going back to more primitive, unethical times, continuing the downward spiral.

    So they’re now going to acknowledge the ROTC? I wouldn’t think ANYTHING they teach would qualify for academics at Washington University, but hey – while once they cared about the students, I guess now they must be beholden to the wealthy, hence they’ve decided they need to give credit to the military that serves and protects the wealthy, no matter where in the world they may be ripping people off.

    I wonder how many of these ROTC geniuses will make it through a degree at Wash U? I’m guessing likely not many.

    • Bryan K. McGraw

      As a veteran, distinguished graduate of an ROTC program I find your comment completely out of touch and lacking any credibility. I fully support this great nation and the rights we are all entitled to, including freedom of speech, no matter how wacko comments such your’s may be. You see, “ByeByeToTheRite”, it is what sets us apart from the rest of the world. I would encourage you to take your Wash U education and go live and work abroad for a few years to get a little perspective and insight into what it takes to preserve our way of life. But, I suspect you won’t do anything like that because that would be taking responsibility for yourself and your actions. You don’t even have enough self esteem to put your real name on your post. But, don’t worry we have several million serving this great nation who will do whatever is necessary to preserve our nation and allow you and others with similar clueless perspectives to live in peace and do whatever you do.

      By the way, I would suggest you try to get a refund on your Wash U education (assuming you actually paid for it), as you definitely are demonstrating a complete lack of any worthwhile knowledge which will be beneficial for your future.

      I commend Wash U for coming out of the stone age.

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