Badly beaten man found unconscious in Town and Country home

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TOWN AND COUNTRY, MO (KTVI)-- Shocking is how some neighbors are describing the discovery of a badly beaten man in a Town and Country home.

This is not the sort of crime they get very often in Town and Country, which is part of what is making it unsettling for neighbors in the 12,900 block of Thornhill Drive.

A badly beaten man believed to be in his 60`s was found unconscious Friday morning in or near the garage of the home. The garage entrance faces the back yard.

The victim has been renting the house for about the past year and a half while the owner tries to sell it.

Town and Country police and St. Louis County crime scene investigators processed the scene for several hours Friday afternoon.

Police say there are no signs of forced entry or anything else that makes them think this was a home invasion. But the victim`s car is missing.

Neighbors say they think the victim lived alone though he had occasional visits from his son.

In fact, it was the son who found him unconscious Friday morning at about 11:30.

He came looking for his dad because he didn`t show up Friday morning for an appointment.

The man is hospitalized with injuries thought to be non-life threatening.

Hardly anyone in the neighborhood seems to know much about the man. Not even his name, but as word spread about what had happened neighbors began coming around trying to find out all they could.

The victim`s vehicle is a black 2005 Ford Explorer with Missouri license plate D-C-0-Y-3-G.

Police are still investigating, but so far have not been able to establish a motive or exact timeline.

We did talk to the victim`s next door neighbor who says she saw him at about 6:00 Thursday night and everything seemed fine.


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