Judge denies motion from A-B in pay discrimination trial

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Anheuser Busch attempted to get the pay discrimination case against the brewery thrown out Friday.

The brewery's attorney told the judge there is no evidence gender was a factor in determining how former executive Francine Katz was paid.

But her attorney responded saying, "I think we proved they did not give her credit for all the work she was doing."

Judge Rex Burlison denied the motions from Anheuser Busch and the trial continued with a witness answering questions about the amount of pay Katz received in 2004.

More testimony will be heard on Monday from Anheuser Busch witnesses.

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  • Just

    Seems to me that she negoitated a pay and benefits package that she accepted and now is trying to use the courts to make them pay her more. If she didnt like what she was offered, maybe she should not have accepted it and either countered or moved on to another job. Either way, it was her choice. She needs to take responsibility for her choices and actions. I dont care if someone else was offered more than she was… that doesnt matter. She chose.

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