Missouri transportation sales tax plan in jeopardy

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO (AP) – A proposed transportation sales tax increase is in jeopardy in the Missouri House because some Democrats are upset about an income tax cut.

The three-quarters cent sales tax already has passed the Senate and needs just one more House vote to be referred to this year’s ballot. But lawmakers have just five working days before their session ends May 16, and support for the transportation tax is waning.

When the House approved an earlier version of the bill in April, 33 Democrats joined 63 Republicans to exceed the 82 votes needed to pass legislation.

But House Minority Leader Jake Hummel says Democrats are now reconsidering their support for the sales tax, after Republicans enacted an income tax cut this week by overriding the veto of Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon.

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  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Look, Ma, there’s them Republican Democrats from the ruraawwl areas making us workers pay higher sales tax so their rich friends can get an income tax break: Just like Tea Party Republicans! Hard to tell the diff!

  • Mascoutan

    Many of us that read your absurd and idiotic comments suspected that you still live @ home, in your mother’s basement…

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