National Guard spends millions on NASCAR and gets no recruits

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Senator Claire McCaskill is targeting the Army National Guard for its spending at NASCAR. She led a hearing on waste and abuse in spending on sports related marketing and sponsorships. McCaskill Says each year the National Guard spends 37 percent of its budget, or more than $56-million on marketing with NASCAR and Indy Car. In 2012, not a single National Guard soldier was recruited from the NASCAR sponsorship program.

"I like NASCAR and I love the National Guard. This hearing is not about demonizing. It is about return on federal tax dollars." said Sen. Claire McCaskill - D-Missouri.

McCaskill questioned the acting director for the National Guard and the person responsible for contracts on why the guard continues these contracts when almost every other service branch has discontinued them.


  • jad

    37%!!!!!! That is disgusting!!!!!!! What a complete waste of money that can/could be used for soldiers that could use and really deserve it. Really SHAME ON THEM!!! What idiots…why not just flush that money down the toilet…same thing as giving it to NASCAR.

  • Red

    Really? NASCAR is a huge market with millions of attendees and viewers. I would almost guarantee you that McNutskill has no way of knowing if the last enlistee may or may not have been in contact with one of the recruiters at an event. Just because the NG isn’t capturing the right matrices doesn’t mean it isn’t good advertising. Those funds are budgeted for marketing, not troop support.

  • Sargent Pepper

    HAHAHAHAHA, 37% of the Marketing budget not the overall budget. That would be MILLIONS upon MILLIONS. It costs federal taxpayers about 37 million just to run the California National Guard every year, and there are 53 other states and territories to consider. The Guard also spends money with the NFL now too. Every other branch has been doing it for years. Not true that no enlistments came out of it either. It is better advertising that putting your brand on a billboard. Much more exposure for the ROI. BUT, since the Army is downsizing 90K troops and 30K is coming out of the Guard, may as well trim the waste now and truncate all Marketing contracts.

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