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Potosi teacher accused of having inappropriate relationship with student

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

POTOSI , MISSOURI ( KTVI ) A Potosi High School teacher turned in her letter of resignation following allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a male high school student. The Washington County Sheriff's Office was contacted by Potosi R-3 School officials in reference to an allegation of inappropriate contact between a teacher and a Potosi R-3 student.

Washington County Sheriff's Office Detectives are conducting an investigation in conjunction with school district officials regarding this incident. Due to this being an active investigation, no names will be released. All information obtained during this investigation will be forwarded to the Washington County Prosecuting Attorney.

Following legal requirements, the Missouri Children's Division and local law enforcement were notified of the allegations and the district investigation. The Potosi R-3 School District's first and foremost concern is for the safety and welfare of their students.  The district  will continue to achieve this important objective with continual open and honest communication.


  • Steven Sweeney

    Another predator teacher.People want to make excuse since the student was 17. Missouri has a separate law regardless of age regarding teachers and students and it’s a felony.teacher should be charged.

  • Kim P.

    I’m NOT a pedo and I’ve always said “you can’t help who you love,” however you can choose whom you spend your time with!

  • Shaley

    A teacher from West County R-IV in Leadwood got fired in December for the same thing. A male teacher with a male student!

  • Christine Cage

    U can help how u love! U can love students and not be inappropriate w them. Its called self control and human decency. When adults cross the line like this they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What she did was selfish indulgence, shes sick.

    • Goodday

      Saying she is sick, is just inaccurate..Nothing she did was against his will. Was it wrong because he was a student? Yes. But how many people date other people they aren’t suppose to?

  • DeAnn

    Teachers are in a position of authority. It is wrong regardless of the age of the student.

  • Andrew Beck

    It’s funny how if you’re 17 and you fool around with a 16 y/o or 15 y/o, the 17 year old is considered an “adult” and “of age.” But if someone is 24-25 and does something with a 17 year old, all of a sudden the 17 year old isn’t considered an adult. Hmmm… Funny how that works.

  • Amberr Prommqueenn Lynn

    Well actually she isn’t a pedophile she’s a great person and people are making her out to be something she isn’t. I know her personally and I highly doubt she did that, regardless of what anyone else has to say. She’s happily married, has children and is very religious. My best bet is this is an accusation not an actualization.

    • Steven Sweeney

      So much for wedding vows and the law right? It’s a separate felony for a teacher to sleep with a student regardless of age. She resigned in disgrace and will hopefully be charged soon.She should lose her teaching license and have to register as well.

      • tasha fitzwater

        In the state of mo 17 is considered an adult so no she wont be charged for that its already been reported and since they cant charge her for that she shouldnt have to register either and thats if any of these allegations are true

  • Martha young'Turner

    When you end your children to school it is to be educated. There is a trust issue . she crossed that line. She should have her teaching license removed and be prosaquted for this. This reflex on her morals and values.

  • BB

    Maybe she resigned to save her and her family this embarrassment. I doubt that Fox or any other news station would take the time to follow up on the story if she were found not guilty. This is a case of guilty til proven innocent and if someone is innocent, no one remembers that. Stiff like this ruins lives.

  • unknown

    They have evidence that they were involved and yes they should take
    Her teaching lic . We send our kids to
    School to be protected and as a
    Teacher she is a person of authority
    And someone people look up to
    And use to trust there kids to be
    Around. But not only should she be charged
    He should be charged or disciplined

  • Michelle

    Regardless of what your beliefs are regarding age differences, the fact is that teachers are in a position of authority over students. When a teacher decides to pursue an intimate relationship with a student (no matter who initiated it), they are taking advantage of their position and it is WRONG.

  • leeann

    she could have resigned due to the press this has generated. shes automatically guilty until proven innocent. Even then the rumors would haunt her career there and family forever. Often teachers are forced to resign, so resigning does not mean guilt!

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