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St. Louis homeless woman shares her story of survival

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ST. LOUIS. MISSOURI (KTVI)-  A single mother who was living on the streets with her two kids for months finally gets a break. Now the  mother is giving  back at the New Life Center in Downtown St. Louis.

Jana Gamble  thought she understood the issues homeless people face , until it happen to her.  It's a harsh reality for those who are homeless in St. Louis City. A variety of factors drugs, alcohol and mental illness behind the transient numbers. But there is now a new face to homelessness and one you wouldn't expect.

Meet 32-year- old Jana Gamble. Gamble endured domestic violence, and battled cancer. Gamble  is well educated, a author and a mother of two . "The general public sees the chronic homeless that are on the streets and asking for donations and soliciting but they don't see that I'm  passing them by in the grocery store  and my friends are passing them by and other people in the community. " said  Gamble.
As she tells her story , the steteotype breaks down futher. "  Basically living out my car  moving from place to place had tons of trash bags of our clothes. I just wasn't carry them  in and out of buildings.  I had a car to put them in , " said Jana.

Gamble says New Life Evangelist Center in Downtown St. Louis help keep her family together during the ordeal, and has now found them a house. Gamble is thankful. " I'm doing all I can  no matter how much I don't have  for our community . I will  bring awareness  to the community about the state of homelessness.

Gamble says she just got word that she'll be moving into her own home just in time for Mother's Day.


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