Torturous death concern raised for Mo. inmate

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ST. LOUIS (AP) – Attorneys for a condemned Missouri man are asking a federal court to spare his life, saying lethal injection of Russell Bucklew could result in a “torturous” death.

The court actions filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Missouri, include a civil rights complaint along with a request for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction.

Bucklew is scheduled to die May 21 for killing a romantic rival as part of a violent crime spree in southeast Missouri in 1996.

Attorney Lindsay Runnels says Bucklew suffers from a medical condition that increases the risk that something could go wrong during the execution. She says the condition was diagnosed before he was incarcerated and causes weakened and malformed blood vessels.


  • Jeffrey Brown

    A bullet behind the ear would be less expensive and pretty much guarantee no suffering for this poor guy!

  • Jim Anderson

    All this guy did is kidnap, r a p e and kill a women, why would we put this misunderstood guy to death?

    And to think, Now I must worry that it may not be a comfortable for him.

    The Horror!

  • rose

    He is sweating now, this is his last straw. If he was so concerned about this, why didn’t they start on it 10 years ago? Why wait till less than 2 weeks before the execution? Probably because he, like the other 6 in past 6 months, thought it was never going to happen. He showed no concern for how his victim died, why should anybody care how he dies?

  • Carol Angelbeck

    Does anyone really care how he dies as long as the sentence imposed is carried out. It is a shame it took so many years to have justice served.

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