7 U of Ill. frat members arrested on drug charges

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (AP) _ Police at the University of Illinois have charged seven members of a fraternity with drug offenses after a yearlong investigation.

University police detective Sgt. Joe McCullough tells The (Champaign) News-Gazette (http://bit.ly/1jsynuq) that since April of last year the department had been using informants to buy marijuana and Ecstasy from members of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.

Officers conducted a raid Thursday night on the fraternity’s house, where several members live.

McCullough says the searches turned up Ecstasy pills, suspected LSD, marijuana, magic mushrooms and empty nitrous oxide cartridges. Drug paraphernalia and cash were also seized.

Charges were filed Friday against seven members. Most were charged with possession. One faces charges of possession with intent to distribute.

The fraternity’s national office did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment Saturday.


  • rose

    Mark-Have you ever been to college? Explain how the cops could PERHAPS help these students get an education. Their job is security and safety. Only a student applying themselves will get their own education. I graduated from the U of I, many years ago, drugs were terrible there, Several sold to undercover and got prison time. I had many friends there, most used some type of drug, out of at least 40 or 50, only 6 that I know of graduated. If it hadn’t been for them using so many drugs, most would have graduated. They made the choice to ruin their own lives. Drugs and “book learning” don’t mix. You sound like the guy that robbed a gas station and blames the cop for arresting him and ruining his life. Drugs are just as illegal on campus as off.

    • mark

      Rose “Explain how the cops could PERHAPS help these students get an education. ” What i said was “there are too many cops on the payroll and that money needs to be allocated for useful proposes. Say like, perhaps… EDUCATION?” NOT that the cops help them GET an education, you dumb whore. Have been to the 3rd grade??

      • rose

        MARK- YEP- Political Science Major- University of Illinois, How about you? Your vocabulary sounds like N. STL. Sorry about your luck. They spend enough on education, resources are there, dopeheads find it difficult to use them. In todays world, can’t get enough security.

      • mark

        No reading comprehension needed for that degree I see. You’re a liar and life is too short to deal with liars. Quickly see yourself back to your worthless PoliSci degree.

  • Steven Sweeney

    Mark’s liberal bias is interfering with reality, known as bye bye syndrome.Ecstasy kills people all the time, and how many date rapes occur because of a spiked drink? If this was just pot, I would be more lenient.LSD and ecstasy cause overdoses and deaths regularly.With the laundry list of drugs mentioned, they probably thought GHB or PCP or heroin could have also been involved.The only ones to blame here are the idiots who got caught selling and using dangerous drugs. Funny thing is, these are probably the same punks crying about the cost of tuition, but have money for this garbage.THEY alone are the only ones to blame, not the cops protecting and preventing future victims.

      • rose

        I doubt you are able to even comprehend what Sweeney or myself have commented on, are you even listening or just stuck on “drugs are good”?

      • mark

        Address my position. Not the straw man you’d like to create my position to be or fuck right off, liar.

      • Steven Sweeney

        What an angry little junkie..no class either..Follow the law or shut your vile mouth.The next time I go to jack in the box, you had better get my order right! Quit crying over your dealer and grow up, you whiny liberal junkie!

      • mark

        Try again you bigoted piece of white shit… EE in 3 years. Graduated salutatorian. I don’t do my job correctly and 50% of the country wouldn’t make it to work in the morning and the other 50% wouldn’t make it through the day. That’s right fuckface, one of your favorite things you get thanks to me and my work… junkie or not. My only pleasure in knowing this is that someday you’ll spill it all over yourself and the blisters may get infected hopefully leading to your agonizing death.

        As is usual, you’ve addressed no part of the article or my position. Fuck of and get the shit cleaned up in isle 3!

      • Steven Sweeney

        Your degree must be 2 ply since you can’t even spell “aisle”. Name calling and drug love is all you have. Enjoy your potty mouthed pro-junkie rhetoric and every time I see a drug bust, I will laugh and think about losers like you.Blame the cops, blame the school, blame anybody except who’s truly responsible. You must be jonesing hard..LOL

      • mark

        I stand corrected on the spelling. Unlike you my work day doesn’t start off with a a list of what “aisles” need mopping. Thank you. See, your kids should be proud! You can clean up kid puke and spot spelling errors. I bet they cannot wait to get the inheritance you’ll be leaving…some kiddie porn and half a pack of Edgefields.

    • SK RN

      I never thought I would agree with Mr. Sweeney but he is right on this one. Don’t do the crime if you are going to whine and complain about the time.

  • mark

    Great job, guys! You hunted down drugs at a frat house. Were you guys able to figure out that they may have drugs there on your own or did you have a team of half dead, inebriated monkey’s work around the clock on the case? I heard a rumor that there may be some finger banging going of at one of the sorority houses… better put your top guys on it and put an end to that craziness too!

    If college cops have enough time to hunt down and arrest fucking college kids for doing and selling drugs to each other… there are too many cops on the payroll and that money needs to be allocated for useful proposes. Say like, perhaps… EDUCATION? You can rest assured that you’ve not stopped a single person from doing a single drug that they wanted to do. Your only success in this is to have ruined these kids lives and to disguise the uselessness of too many rent-a-cops on college campuses.

    • Steven Sweeney

      Between your potty mouth and limited intellect, I doubt you could succeed at any college. “proposes” Really? I take it you’re not an english major..But luckily, In Illinois, I doubt anyone will notice.

  • mamafunk

    Illegal is illegal is illegal. Laws do not become “optional” when you enroll in college. The College campus does not become “holy ground” where it is a free for all and is in no way separate from the community surrounding it. A frat house is not sanctuary. These students made a conscious choice to play Russian roulette with their own lives, freedom, reputation, etc. Accountability. hard lesson but hey, probably not the first time someone tried to teach it to them, and maybe this time it will stick. (I seriously doubt that they were unaware of the repercussions and consequences if they were to be caught.) I am not so naive to think that it is gone for good, but if this bust saved one life from an OD then I would have to say the salaries of the campus police are more than worth it. That is just my $.02.

    But in having said all that, I do have a question for Mark: I do not wish to get into a debate on the levels of drugs or which one’s are better or worse, harmful or not but i am curious as to why it makes a difference to you whether or not campus police busted them. Does it matter whether it was them, or the Champaign Police Dept, County Sheriff, or Il State Patrol, or even DEA? Would one of the other’s have been better or acceptable?

    I am not being sarcastic, I am trying to understand your position better.

    Or is yours simply a position of kids will be kids and all of this behavior is a right of passage and if they survive the 4-6 years of it they will come out the other side better humans?

  • mark

    “Illegal is illegal is illegal.” Just as wrong is wrong is wrong. In every aspect… including It is wrong to ruin lives for things that the vast majority of the population, not just college students, do. If you’ve ever given or taken even an antibiotic, 800 mg Tylenol ect without a prescription you are just as guilty as any of these students. And again, most have done much more than just that. Better? Perhaps. Right? No. Those rent-a-cops are there to protect the students from crimes. Not from their decisions. Arrest every college student who currently has drugs in their possession right now and forget the future of this country. Arrest only the ones who get caught be it because they fucked up or the neighbor who isn’t a a student beat his wife and hold up in his house bringing dogs and IR helicopters that alert a grow op or sniff out drugs during an event completely unrelated to them and they have their lives ruined. Yes they knew the rules. But if something is wrong with the rules fix the rules… don’t just accept that’s the way it is.

    Now if you’re truly interested in justice then justice at all costs. We should pay to have a sweep of all campuses and arrest each and every one in possession. This is at least fairly applied. Yes, it will cost a ridiculous amount of money… if you’re only interested in justice at a reasonable cost, you’re not interested in justice. There have been far more lives ruined and dead bodies from the drug laws than from drugs. Even an hardcore junkie can get clean and get away from the drug. This I know personally. But you can never get away from the affects of being a felon.That approach is tantamount to using chemo on flu patients, watching the body count rise and saying… “Meh, that’s the way things is”. No, you find a better fix when the fix is worst than the problem. If people are fearful that regulating drugs would increase the addiction level… 1st it is proven instance after instance that the levels decrease and 2nd, do a better job raising your kids. Teach them to be able to make better decisions even when some of the options are appealing but maybe harmful. The single most important thing to change about education is to stop lying about the drugs. Pot does not make you insane or steal from your employer to support your habit. Once a teenager/young adult tries pot and discovers he has been lied to about it and what it can do they quickly dismiss all of what was said about drugs that can lead to the things you’ve claimed pot could do and more. And you/we really need them to know that and be able to trust that they are being given honest information. People lie to other people and then wonder why their true info is dismissed along with the lies. Because your approach has given them every right in the world to label you a liar and go zero credit to anything you have contributed. The education approach has failed as has the approach to the laws. That we are dealing with arrests like these, all these years after the “war on drugs” started certainly does not speak to its success! Over a trillion dollars and the numbers are only larger than when it began its quest to eradicate drugs from our society… and the numbers increased. If you think those numbers equate to a success… then the future of this country is screwed anyway, may as well just give heroin out to the kids because it is only a matter of time before are unable to pay enough to keep the numbers on the upward pace they have over the past 43 years.

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