Missouri considers Tesla sales ban

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ST. LOUIS, MO (AP) – Electric car maker Tesla Motors is decrying a last-minute legislative move in Missouri to prohibit direct car sales to consumers.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that state lawmakers added new wording to a pending bill last week that would bar auto manufacturers from circumventing car dealerships and selling directly to buyers. The measure passed the Missouri Senate without debate.

The California company called the move a “sneak attack” by the Missouri Auto Dealers Association in a statement on its website entitled “Trouble in Missouri.” The Legislature adjourns this week.

The effort’s top supporters include state Senator Mike Kehoe, a Jefferson City Republican and former car dealer.

Tesla is fighting similar legislative battles in New Jersey, New York and Ohio.

Information from: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, http://www.stltoday.com


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Look, Ma, there’s them Republicans, always decrying unnecessary “big government regulations” for interfering with “true free enterprise markets” proposing a big government regulation against the free market success of successful startup corporation Tesla to protect their hick car dealer friends, who are among the largest contributors to the Republican cause in the Missouri Congress! Wow, that’s odd, ain’t it?

    Republicans in Missouri: Hypocrites through and through. Pass big government laws to protect their weatlhy hick friends from legitimate competition, at the expense of free enterprise! Can you imagine that!

    The writer of this bill is himself a former car dealer! So of COURSE these crooked thieves and liars of the Missouri Tea Party right-wing extreme are going to protect useless car dealers against the free market future of car marketing!

    Republians in Missouri: Hypocrites through and through. And some of you are still sucker enough to vote for them? Wow. Slow to catch on, eh?

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Republicans in Missouri: Hypocrites through and through.

    I just wanted to make sure that imporant message got across!

    • Steven Sweeney

      Very few people will pony up 100k for a car..It’s not like when NIXON screwed all of us by denying the entire middle class a tax cut.I don’t agree with kehoe, but how many people will really be affected? Not like Nixon trying to cheat MILLIONs of working people out of their tax cut. Dems have a monopoly on hypocrisy, like letting vets die and covering up, while giving billions to terrorists and illegals.

      • ByeByeToTheRite

        Yada yada blah blah extremist right-wing phony stories blah blah yeah right.

        Hey, Steven, ENJOY that WHOPPING $39 tax cut you and the the “ENTIRE middle class” will be getting from Republicans! Don’t spend it all in one place.

        Meanwhile, Rex the Rich will get over a $20,000 income tax cut! For millions he didn’t even work to earn!

        Even conservative economists say MO Republicans got that one wrong – just read yesterday THEY think the tax cut should have been BIGGER at the LOW end, so if average folks have $200-300 to spend per person, that CAN improve the economy. Most of the rich will just pocket the tens of thousands in tax breaks THEY get – and this AIN’T for “small” business, either – that’s another phony lie.

        Putting $200-$300 or more in the workers hand CAN help the economy though – remember the Obama “Make America Work” Tax CREDIT of $800 for WORKING PEOPLE? You know, the one that Republicans took away the next year? You know, the one that HELPED REVIVE THE ECONOMY?

        If you can’t see that Republicans just ripped YOU off, they you’re hopelessly gone and I wish you luck – you’re going to need it being that pathetically naive.

      • Steven Sweeney

        PHONY? Tell that to the families of 40 dead vets! Of course commie humps like you HATE the military, as you constantly call them “unskilled” and the cops “sissies”. Who do commies like you defend? Drunk drivers and thugs running from police.Commie humps like you ARE the problem and your senility is only outweighed by your hypocrisy. When the people speak up in November mid terms, you will choke on your EBT card, because real Americans have had it with commie hypocrites like you!

  • Bruce Fasterling

    Senator Mike Kehoe is a consummate hypocrite. I thought the Republican party was about free markets and competition. I guess I was mistaken. His proposed language is self-serving and restricts competition versus allowing us, as consumers, to decide what business model best suits us. His language would force consumers to pay more for products because the additional cost of a dealer network will be passed through to the end buyers, not absorbed by the manufacturers.

  • Ron D

    Look, this is not about the cost of a vehicle, and Kehoes Cronies know it. There are more of these independent car manufactures coming and even Tesla prices will drop over time. Car dealer networks have been financially raping the American public since cars sales began. Its worse than door to door sales. Its not that I don’t understand the need for distribution channels or manufacture certified repair shops when it makes sense. What car dealer networks hold over manufactures and the American public now days is just wrong. All the fake savings advertisements are just inflated prices being slightly reduced at the manufactures expense to make the average american talk about the “great deal” so and so dealer gave them. Lets not forget our tax dollars bailed out those poor old manufacturers. The bottom line is it is absolutely wrong and unethical to use law to stop something just because it is a significantly better product than your manufacture can produce. It goes against a lot of what Free Market America stands for Tesla beats every other care makers safety ratings, and is the strongest electric car in the market place. A lot of studies and tests have proven it time and again. The same required tests and studies that other manufactures go through. I am not an owner, yet! It is a sad day to be considered in the ranks of conservative Republicans. I hope this gets real debate in legislature, but its doubtful. We can pray it just gets thown out.

  • EvaBrain

    Every country needs money. When a company is small, its all about free trade. Once a company is big, government wants a cut. An example is Google paying millions for privacy concerns in different countries. All countries are corrupt at some level. Its not the country, its the humans (which are the same in every country)

    Tesla lashed out at auto dealers in the state of Missouri, in a post on its website, for silently pursuing a change in the state’s laws that will restrict Tesla from selling cars directly to customers.Further you can read more at http://bit.ly/1iF5ohS

  • lsl guy

    Im a middle.class.tea party hick. I own bought a new.car Saturday. Have a boat atv and a Harley. Quit making excuses and make money…..

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