Victim in deadly bank robbery grew up in St. Clair, Mo.

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(KTVI)-- One of Thursday night`s bank robbery victims grew up in St. Clair, MO.  Nita Bush Smith just became a grandmother.  She recently posted a Facebook photo of herself with her new grandbaby.  Nita also appeared in a recent picture with her sisters during a family trip.  One sister, who teaches at St. Clair Elementary, posted a Facebook comment saying she never dreamed this would be their last picture together.

People in St. Clair were just finding out the news Friday, that Nita Bush Smith was killed in Thursday night`s Southern Illinois bank robbery.  They immediately remembered what was great about her.

Kim Viessman said, "Nita was a fantastic person. She got along with everybody."
Susan Brown said, "I don`t remember anybody who didn`t like her, she was a really good person and I just hate to hear that happened to her.  I`m sure she`ll be missed."

Nita Bush Smith was a 1980 graduate of St. Clair High School.

CAIRO, Ill. (AP) _ Illinois State Police have identified two female employees killed during a southern Illinois bank robbery.

Authorities on Friday said 52-year-old Anita J. Grace of Olive Branch and 52-year-old Nita J. Smith of Wickliffe, Kentucky, died in the Thursday robbery. A third, 23-year-old female employee was not identified but reported to be in critical condition.

Authorities say a suspect approached the women as the bank was closing. They say he forced them back inside the bank where Cairo police found the victims. All suffered stab wounds.


  • "Fed Up With Liberals"

    Typical misguided liberal Illinois… death penalty. Now THAT’S the real shame…..this worthless waste of human flesh that took two innocent lives will live out the rest of his life on the taxpayers dime.

    • rose

      Tom, that’s good wishful thinking, but prison isn’t what it used to be. Most, not all, but most are willing to commit a horrible crime like this and take their chances on prison. Most likely he will have some of his homies there, 3 hots and a cot, free cable, free utilities, free clothing, free medical, he will still have rights.

  • eNIGma

    how did society allow a big fat child molesting niiiggeeerrr to be free to commit these atrocities?

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