Church prays for water to perform baptism

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KANSAS CITY, MO (AP) _ A Kansas City church says it might have to bring buckets of water to perform baptisms after the city shut its water off because of a pipe leak.

The Rev. Darwin Neal says the small congregation at the Anointed House of Glory in the Martin City neighborhood can’t afford a plumber. It also can’t afford to dig into the street to get to the pipe, which the city says isn’t on public property.

WDAF-TV reports the problem began last summer when the city fixed a pipe near the church. A pipe connected to the repaired pipe started leaking recently so the city shut off the water.

Neal says he doesn’t know what to do about the baptisms planned on Sunday, but cancelling them will be a last resort.

Information from: WDAF-TV,


  • EnoughPC

    Why Bob? Our Country’s CONSTITUTION provides us with the RIGHT to FREEDOM of Religion and to practice it without consequences. Evidently you do not believe in the Constitution nor the FREEDOMS we are granted from it. That is your choice. But to call it stupidity because you don’t follow a faith is far more stupid. Also, what does it being 2014 have to do with anything. Religious beliefs in this world have been around long before you or I. If you don’t like the Constitution and our Freedoms granted by it, don’t let the aircraft door hit you in the backside on the way out of the country.

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Yeah, that Constitution also guarantees you must keep YOUR religion out of MY face. Got it? If you don’t, then perhaps YOU should be the one leaving the country for someplace more appropriate, like Iraq.

      Oh, and Bob has the RIGHT to be critical and laugh and make fun as MUCH as he wants to about your freaky superstition you call religion, just like you have the right to be as primitive as you want to practice it. Don’t like it? Again, there’s always Iraq for ya…..

      • Christina

        Actually it states very clearly Freedom of Religion, not freedom FROM religion. It was placed there to keep the goverment out of people’s desire and ability to worship whichever way they wanted It ha nothing to do with protecting non believers from believers or vice versa, only protecting people from goverment.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    The sign in that pic: Is that the new national motto for the United States? According to that latest Supreme Court ruling, I’d say so.

    P.S. Did this reverend ever hear of bottled water? One or two big bottles of water should do, shouldn’t it? Or would you prefer to pray for that, too, rather than paying for it? LOL

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Lol, I’m so witty I love putting every one down instead of picking my 200 pound self off the couch.

  • metatronking

    Solution: cut the gutter downspout off aboit 8 ft above ground, hook a plastic flex hose too it. Run it in the the window to the baptismal. Catch rain water in the baptismal. Cost: about 25 dollars
    Or you could do what jesus, john and others have done. Go down to the river.

  • middleman

    Or you could throw a fundraiser like most other churches do. If they know it won’t be going toward paying off pedophile lawsuits, people are very generous helping out a church. By the way: ByeBye, you are pathetic. You need to find somebody to love you

  • Joe

    Studies have shown that this really does bring water. However, Obama and the rest of the democrats are hiding the studies and the data!!!

  • shawn

    Government cannot step in..Church and State people! Plus the church does not pay taxes, so jot government assistance.. Am I right or wrong..please comment.

  • Bob

    The Lord helps those who help themselves, stop looking for handouts. If the church doesn’t have the funds to fix a water line (repair parts would probably be less than $100 dollars) the church should have a fundraiser or go down to the local creek. This church is an embarrassment to all churches! And the government cann’t get involved because the seperation of church and state. I wouldn’t want my tax money going to this place. This church needs to help themselves and stop begging

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