Condemned man worried about execution

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Russell Bucklew

ST. LOUIS (AP) – A Missouri inmate facing execution next week says he is scared that the lethal drug could cause him to suffer or be left alive but brain-dead.

Russell Bucklew, who turned 46 on Friday, is scheduled to die at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday for killing a romantic rival in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in 1996.

It would be the first execution in the U.S. since April 29, when Oklahoma inmate Clayton Lockett died of a heart attack 43 minutes after a vein collapsed following injection. The incident created new concern about lethal injection.

Bucklew suffers from a congenital condition that causes weakened and malformed blood vessels, and tumors in his nose and throat. He told The Associated Press in a phone interview Friday that his biggest fear is being left brain-dead.


  • ME

    Why worry on how he will die? I believe he should suffer for killing a human being. Just like the couple suffered..

  • Richard Hunt

    Awww…he is afraid he will suffer. Too bad. The people he murdered weren’t afraid they would suffer? Did he worry about the pain he inflicted on his victims? What about the emotional pain he gave the families of his victims?

  • rose

    Just put an I.V. in every major vein they can find. Neck, arms, legs, feet, wherever they can draw blood, put an I.V. One will surly get through quickly, then attorneys will say “He died to quickly”, if it’s less than 5 min.

  • middleman

    Poor baby. If you don’t want to die of lethal injection, here’s a suggestion: DON’T KILL PEOPLE!

  • Todd Schischler

    Evidently he fails to think ahead…again. It’s not the dying part that he should focus on, it’s where he’ll be after he’s dead.

    Not much of a chess player.

  • anonymous

    Another waste of taxpayers money……backing up this fools “worry”!!!!! Fry that F’r!!!! You really think he gave 2 S’s about his victim(s)?!?! Why should anyone “worry” about his?!

  • Jeffrey Brown

    This almost seems like the media is just baiting us………..

    Let’s get this overwith!

  • Johnny

    This man who is worried that he may feel a little pain as he is executed told one of his surviving victims that her friend was dead because he had shot him with hollow points and there was no way they could get him to a hospital in time. He also broke out of jail and attacked and attacked the mother of his surviving victim with a hammer, after calling her from jail and threatening her.

    Don’t look to me for any sympathy or compassion for this animal.

  • Don'tCare

    Awww… poor baby afwaid he might feel pain….
    GOOD!!!!!! Burn baby burn… feel the pain… and more pain… and even more pain…. No one friggin cares. Just die already, die a very painful death.

  • middleman

    Whew! Just saying, that’s a lot of anger, you guys. I feel it, too. Kill him, Kill him dead!

  • Carol Angelbeck

    Why would anyone care if he suffers, the murderer is a coward and has the guts to say he is scared, Nobody cares if you are scared, you sir gave up your rights as a human being when you violently murdered two people. I hope you burn in hell.[

    • Carol Angelbeck

      He should have thought about his veins and being scared before he made the decision to kill two innocent people. Amen

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