Family hails pet cat as a hero

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Tara the cat saved her young owner’s life from a vicious attacked by a neighbor’s dog. Now, her family is speaking about their feline hero.

The video was posted to YouTube on Wednesday. The YouTube Roger Triantafilo caught the incident on surveillance cameras. The video shows Triantafilo’s son in the driveway on a bike when a stray dog grabs the small child by the leg and pulls him off the bike.  But then, out of no where, the family’s cat lunges at the dog and chased him away from the child.

Mother Erika Triantafilo told CNN, “Well he just got off the bus and it was kind of breezy and he wanted to fly a kite. And we tried to get it up with no success. And he was just playing outside a little bit, and I was watering some plants before we headed on in. The next thing I know, the dog was just there, and it was shaking him. Before I could even get there, my cat clobbered him. She saved the day. Chased him away, and came back to him after the dog was gone. I just chased the dog away — tried to get it away from my son – away from everyone, and get him taken care of.”

Reporter: “What were your first thoughts kind of when you noticed? Did you notice Tara had done that right away? What were your first thoughts?”

“The first thing, I didn’t even realize the dog had my son by his legs. I figured he had his pants or something else. Just Tara happened so fast, out of nowhere. I didn’t even really know what had happened until afterwards when my husband showed me our surveillance video and said “our cat saved our son.” It was truly amazing. She’s my hero.”



  • mark

    36 seconds into the video the mom runs away with her son left to whatever happens. would you not put yourself in what could be harms
    way to save your child ? thank god nothing else did happen .

  • matt

    regardless of what she did, she left her son out there. she should have brought him inside right away! She is lucky the dog did not come back for round 2

    • Amanda

      I was thinking the same thing when I watched the video. My reaction would be to pick up my son and take him inside? Everyone is entitled to thier own opinion, its not a matter of “getting over ones self”. Noone is discounting the fact that it was an awful experience. It is not a “judgement” it is a perspective.

  • Crystal

    Get over yourself. That mom was surely terrified. Way to judge a stranger in the aftermath of a difficult situation.

  • Jude Mignacca

    Don’t ya love how it’s always a GUY judging a mother’s actions? LOL When you can sustain life inside of you for 9 months then birth a live human out of your body then you can pass judgement on me dearie!

    • Ryan Wittman


      I love how women think simply because their biology makes them carry the child that they are a better parent. Frankly, that opinion is what makes you worse… that woman did fine, you on the other hand are kind of a piece. Especially since I see plenty of women commenting the same things as those guys.

  • RAM

    Everyone in a traumatic situation reacts differently. She did what she did for the level of shock that happened to her. It is easy to judge her, but if you were in the same situation, would you be thinking clearly enough to react in a so called proper manner? I have worked in the ER of a big city hospital, and it is much easier when it is a stranger you are helping, but when it is one of your own, you lose sight for that moment.

  • Dillon

    Okay so she ran to her kid then after the dog why are people so judgmental it was a terrifying moment.I don’t see anyone saying thing about the dog and its owner thats were the true problem was. If you ever want proof how people are in the world just read comments people post.

  • Greg ONeal

    This is absolutely amazing. If this cat were mine she would be given a medal and the best of everything she wanted. I mean that cat had one thing in mind and that was to save the little boy. This was great the cat is a hero!

  • courtney

    I would for sure grab my kids before i run anywhere… Take your kid to safety first.. You dont just leave him on the ground with the dog running around!!

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