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Rams player teaches football skills to those with Down syndrome

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The St. Louis Rams are keeping busy in the off-season. Rams running back Zac Stacy took part in the inaugural Football Camp for the Stars, a chance for teens and adults with down syndrome to shine on the football field.

Stacy has a younger brother living with Down syndrome. So when the Down Syndrome Association asked him to join in and help these kids learn a thing or two on the football field, he said where do I sign up?

Attendee Andrew Suelman's favorite position is quarterback. When asked what it was like to meet Zac Stacy from the Rams,  he said Sam Bradford was his favorite player.

Probably not what Stacy wanted to hear but he knows all too well that kids with down syndrome speak the truth and they are smart.   Stacy, originally from Alabama, majored in special education at Vanderbilt and says it's so important for him to motivate these kids not just physically but mentally as well.

Coaches from all around the area came out and helped these kids learn the fundamentals and Saturday there will be a scrimmage so that everyone can show off what they learned Friday.


  • K

    First of all, it’s Down syndrome (capital D), and it’s “they’re” smart, not “their.” Poor editing. Great story, but really hard to overlook the writing. The story deserved better.

  • Jeremie Ballinger

    Thank you for the coverage! We appreciate the awareness and appreciation this creates, both for Down syndrome and for our friends at the Rams. Also, just to clarify the link in the story: We are members of the National Down Syndrome Society (linked above), but you can find out more info about our association and the work we do in St. Louis at

    Jeremie Ballinger
    Down Syndrome Association of Greater STL

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