St. Louis Superman breaks up fight at Busch Stadium

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – You may recognize Charlee Soffer from Cardinal Baseball games. The 27-year-old wears a Superman outfit. He can be seen outside Busch Stadium during baseball season getting his picture taken with fans.

Matt Sebek of the sports humor publication “Joe Sports Fan” captured video of Soffer doing something amazing. The caped crusader appears to break up a fight between fans outside of the stadium. Two men start throwing punches when Superman appears. He intervenes, sends the man on their way and then addresses the camera. Soffer says, “Guess what folks. He’s going back to Wrigley.”

Sebek then posted another video of Charlee Soffer interacting with baseball fans. This one is not as heroic. The video is called “St. Louis Superman detains another.” It starts with Soffer holding down an intoxicated fan. He tells the fan to, “Get lost.” The irate fan then screams directly into St. Louis Superman’s face and the video ends. Sebek writes, “Tough day at the office.”

Learn more about our hometown hero here. Soffer also posts regularly to this Facebook page.


  • Marty Prochko

    This guy is an IDIOT! He needs to get a life! Somebody is going to punch his lights out, if he’s not careful.

  • kimberly harrison

    That wasn’t even a fight. No punches were thrown, just shoving. And he didn’t break it up, it was already over. That was stupid

  • Doss Anitra Mrs.

    I’m trying to figure out how this is news, when there is millions of AMERICANS out of work waiting on unemployment benefits or news thereof and we get NOTHING. Can you report NEW news regarding when SOMEONE,ANYONE will HELP the unemployed. Who WANTS to worked,and can’t because companies out here is not hiring the LONG TERM UNEMPLOYED!!! Where is the news coverage of that?!!

    • Mascoutan

      Well, you read it and even posted a comment, right? Besides, Obama and the Democrats are doing a “wonderful” job at helping all of us, right? (or so we’re told…)

      (sarc switch back to “Off”)

  • joey

    I kind of question how real these videos are, but often thought, and still strongly consiser the idea of training to be a batman. Surely, its seems like a childish idea, but in this period we live in, there are few good samaritans left to inspire hope in the rest of humanity. I admire this guy, because it takes courage to do that, especially in a Superman suit

  • bfs

    I think that was ByeBye2theRite. We should all be happy he was out of his mothers basement and got some fresh air

  • Emily

    Matt whoever didn’t take this video jon noe did just saying we were there and watched him take this video and you can hear him

  • Tom Collins

    Why don’t you do a story how The St Louis Superman is nothing but a pot head who mooches off government assistance because he can’t buy food but yet has the money to buy his pot. He’s no Superman he’s nothing but a disgrace to that suit. He ISN’T A HERO, He’s a joke and a disgrace to REAL heroes.

  • Bill Thomas

    This guy is a joke, he really thinks he is Superman. Seen him at games and he is a joke, that drunk should have knocked him out.

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