Thousands of workers rally to keep steel jobs in America

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GRANITE CITY, IL (KTVI)-- Thousands of Granite City steelworkers say companies that make steel overseas are not playing fair and that could cost them their jobs. They say foreign countries are subsidizing steel made in their countries and then selling it cheaper in America.

Steelworkers want folks to call congress and make sure trade rules are enforced and are fair for everyone. Hundreds of steelworkers and members of other unions showing support for them jammed a city park Friday afternoon in Granite City for a rally.  Steelworker Robin Baker said, “I got four kids and a wife, two of them are in college, scares me to death.”

Close to 2,300 people make steel at a Granite City plant.  The steel is used in natural gas and oil exploration, which is booming in parts of this nation.  Workers insist countries like South Korea are subsidizing steel production and then dumping it at a cheaper price in America. They fear if that continues steel plants will close and workers will lose their jobs. Jason Chism, the president of United Steelworkers Local 50 said, “Just to enforce our trade laws in this county, that’s our message to our political representatives in congress.”

They claim foreign steel is of a lower quality compared to American made steel.  Steelworker Louis Dowell said, “Why would the government let them bring in cheaper steel and put American made steel out of business.”  Chism added, “All we’re asking (is) to be put on a level playing field.”

Steelworkers say the Department of Commerce will make a ruling on a trade case in July that could determine their fate.


  • Steven Sweeney

    When Bush was president, he faced the same situation and raised the tariffs on cheaper imported steel and saved all these jobs. The dog eater in chief is only worried about Muslims and fund raising, so these poor working stiffs might as well wave goodbye. They will be forgotten and left for dead by Obama, Just like our vets.Proof once again the Democrats are nothing but hypocrites.

  • rose

    Not that long ago our Steel Industry was one of the largest industries in our country, now they are struggling to survive because they have been sold out by our own government. Our steel industries produced a high quality of steel, foreign steel is a cheaper grade. just wait till all of our bridges and buildings start collapsing from their greedy profits. you pay for what you get.

  • JR

    There is one thing the Unions can do to reverse all that has gone wrong. All UNION members must shop at or use the services of other Union shops. This is what has failed. STOP going to non union shops. I have friends and relatives that are union and will not take their vehicles to union shops because he says they charge to much. Yet, he makes $29.00 plus benefits per hour to just to drive a truck.


    • rose

      JR, you are so right. I have so many family members retired from General Motors and Chrysler, one was only 48 years old with 30 years in, they gripe all the time about any little increase they may have to pay, yet they go to Walmart and spend 30% of their pay. LOL

  • metatronking

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    ross perot warned us.
    he made a big fuss.
    so all you big earners
    had to become learners.
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