Missouri lawmakers wrap up annual session

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) _ Missouri lawmakers have wrapped up their annual legislative session while passing a bill that could allow teachers to carry guns in the classroom.

The gun legislation was one of dozens of bills that passed Friday. But senators failed to take a final vote on a more expansive bill that would have attempted to nullify some federal gun control laws.

Several significant bills passed before the last day of the session. Lawmakers overrode Gov. Jay Nixon's veto to enact the first income tax rate reduction in nearly a century. They also referred a transportation sales tax to the ballot.

Other bills they passed would triple the waiting period for abortions and overhaul state education and crime laws.

The failed measures included a proposed Medicaid expansion.


  • Jules

    A bill passed to allow teachers to carry guns, a bill passed for a three day waiting period before having an abortion and a FAILED Medicaid expansion bill….. Please Lord, let the tide in our politics continue to turn and let this only be the beginning…. ByeByeToTheRite head will soon explode!

      • ByeByeToTheRite

        It’s not my blood pressure that matters. It’s the total disregard for the MAJORITY of residents of this state these stuck up right-wing radicals that is the problem.

        That’s okay, Rose. I guess you don’t mind paying higher taxes so the wealthy can have a tax break. Just as long as none of those higher taxes you’ll be paying goes to blacks on welfare, and just wealthy hicks on welfare, I’m assuming you’re okay with it.

        Seems kinda dumb to be for higher taxes for yourself, though. Enjoy!

      • rose

        ByeBye, you know better than that. I’ve commented on this site long enough for you to know where I stand on matters like this. Of course I don”t want my taxes raised, I don’t have a problem paying taxes, I have a problem with the way our taxes are spent and wasted. A far as welfare, black or white, some people need it, just not as a permanent way of life.

    • Cit Riverview

      I’m all in about the teachers carrying at school.

      The attempt to segregate those children must stop. All areas need to have its share of Minorities living and working among all. If you disagree, then you are a Racist, Right. I want everyone to see just what happens to areas that have a population and some of its representatives that are Minorities. The full impact needs to be felt. Then, only then will major changes will happen. Minorities will not change their cultural habits. ONLY WHEN NON Minorities start acting and behaving as them and the prison system starts to see an uptick in the percentage of Non Minorities occupying jail cells will change what the country is moving towards.

      A movement in the state of Missouri should start with drafting a Black to run for GOVERNOR. It’s needed. If one can’t be elected because of Racial hate directed at most blacks, then the Feds need to appoint a black to the governorship.

      • ByeByeToTheRite

        I guess as long as you racist rednecks get yer guns, you just don’t CARE how much your sales TAX WILL GO UP so the wealthy can get a huge, record cut in income taxes.

        Guns and religion – Obama sure nailed that one!

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Thank God this session is over!

    They passed a bunch of last minute special tax breaks for their wealthy special interests, and also passed some last minute INCREASES on taxes and fees on utilities and services that middle-class workers will pay (to cover the tax breaks for the wealthy), but that doesn’t matter to most right-wing dimwits!

    The IMPORTANT thing is they got some guns AND religion in there, to keep the votes of the faithful dimwits locked in, no matter HOW much their taxes will go up now!

    I heard Republicans touting their “historical record income tax cut”.

    The transportation sales tax, really a general sales tax to cover the income tax cuts for the wealthy, is also a HISTORICAL RECORD TAX INCREASE, too. Missouri has NEVER raised its sales tax by 3/4% ever – so this TAX INCREASE is a whopper! Thanks, Republicans!

    Here, just so it sinks into the thick skull of the uneducated right-wing dumbo, I’ll repeat what REPUBLICANS have done this year….


    Oh, did I mention Republicans passed a RECORD TAX INCREASE on the worker?

    • Cit Riverview

      That Tax increase wont hurt Blacks. They have the highest un-employment rate. So its just another Tax increase on Working whites who pay for all that Welfare.

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