Aldi’s Security Guard shoots supect after allegedly shoplifting

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NORTH ST. LOUIS,  ( KTVI ) A security guard shot a suspect in the foot at the Aldi’s store in the 7-hundred block of Kingshighway near Delmar around 1:45 p.m Sunday.

The security guard noticed the suspect allegedly stealing items from the store.

The suspect was transported to an area hospital.. the shooting remains under investigation




    Later story “Suspect in Aldi’s shoplifting inciidrnt freeded, guard who shoot him in foot fired for aggessive behavior.”

  • rose

    All this violent crime most likely has everyone on edge, there is no place left in the city that is safe, including a grocery store.

  • Cit Riverview

    The problem is, “WE have a problem to communicate” Jason, Bye Bye’s comments were removed. This story gives traction to the Schnucks story about leaving that area of St. Louis. Those who complain about Income inequality based behavior on that premises. Well, what society fails to bring to the four are being poor don’t give you an excuse or reason to rob, cheat or steal. Until people start looking at the culture that springs out of the Black community, we will have these behaviors. .

  • Sofa King Milfin

    Completely racist story! The shoplifter should have been allowed to fire at least six shots at the Security Officer just to prevent allegations of racism. Interesting note, nobody mentioned if the shoplifter either was or implied if he was armed or not. Was the s/o white or black? Was the shoplifter white or black? These are going to be factors on if we see any more coverage on this story.

    • rose

      Sofakm-What difference does it make what race either one involved are? You don’t go into a store and steal a cart full of meat, the 72 year old security guard used pepper spray to stop him, that IS his job. It wasn’t until the thief assaulted him that he used his weapon. If he let one walk out with a cart of meat he has to let everyone walk out with it. Race really isn’t the subject here, but I guess there is some profiling due to the neighborhood.

  • Completely thoughtless story for professional security guards

    I think the news story is just to raise up figures of “Racism” among the society nothing else. No matter the security guard was little aggressive but the it should be noticed, after few days the story completely changes to “Suspect in Aldi’s shoplifting inciidrnt freeded, guard who shoot him in foot fired for aggressive behavior”. So, what is the aim of the news…
    Salute to US!!

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