No free street parking in Forest Park during Fair St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- If you come to Forest Park during Fair St. Louis around the Fourth of July, you will not be able to park on any streets in the park.

This could be challenging.

Because of the renovations now going on at the Archgrounds, Fair St. Louis will be held at Forest Park this year and next year.

The traditional air show has already been canceled because of the move, now free parking in the park has been eliminated as well during the fair.

Officials telling the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that cars being parked along the streets could create a public safety hazard and prevent emergency vehicles from getting to and from the fair site.

Park goers will still be able to use the zoo parking lots to go to the zoo during the fair but it`s typically $15 a car to park in those areas.

Fair St. Louis will run shuttles from several different lots in the park to the fair site.

The Post reports that fair organizers have turned to an experienced consultant to help develop a traffic plan. Details on that should be released later this month.


  • John

    Take away the air show and now charge people to park in the street. Thats why I stay out of the city and their greedy hands. They are starving for tax dollars and they want to merge with the County to bail them out. Wake up people!!!

  • t

    Could have done the whole thing up around Union Station, still be in the city… but then the stupid city still would have done meters and tickets, etc. Not a bright bunch in City Hall… like they want to fail.

  • STL

    And from the amount of people that attend this function, even those lots in the park aren’t enough. Will the Zoo shut down those days? I highly doubt it. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Eva

    So in other words, don’t bother going. What a cluster. I’ll stick to the small town events this year.

  • J

    I’m with you Eva…..bigger isn’t always better, LOL! Less traffic, less crime…I’ll take small town over BIG city any day!

  • Cecelia Franklin

    If they could not have the events where they usually have them, its better to not have them at all. This is stupid to have something in Forest Park and cannot park on the streets. I rather just stay at home.

  • Tim

    It use to be held there all the time. It’ll be unique and let’s not forget … They are not letting people park in the streets for safety reasons. Plus many many many people park in the “paid” parking garages downtown. Find something better to argue about .. They are running “free” shuttles duh

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